COVID-19 Information

Covid-19 Quarantine Guidelines Updated 1/31/2022

Below are the new COVID guidelines in accordance with the health department recommendations. These guidelines will go into effect 1/31/22.

We will no longer be contact tracing students.

Positive cases will be reported once per week.

If a student reports that a family member within the home is positive, we will confirm that what the student is saying is true and then the student will be asked to wear a mask to stay.

If there is a large increase of positive cases in a classroom (10-20% increase) then this will be reported to the health department much like we report large increases of diseases such as hand foot and mouth disease. This class would be considered exposed and it would be recommended to wear a mask and monitor for symptoms.

If a student is positive they will stay home for 5 days from the start of symptoms and wear a mask for 5 days after they return to school.

We will no longer be testing athletes in order for them to participate in sports.

To summarize, if you have COVID you go home and quarantine, if not, stay in school. Overall, this should make things much easier when it comes to COVID management in school. We will still be offering COVID testing in the clinics to those that want it. Feel free to contact the district registered nurse with any questions or concerns.

Downloadable COVID guidelines