PTA Membership Info

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PTA Membership is $6. You do not have to be an active volunteer to sign up to be a member. Parents, grandparents and other family and friends are welcome to be a part of the Suffield PTA. For more information about what it is to be apart of the Suffield PTA or to sign up, please go to the PTA website. We are thankful for all of our members!

The Suffield PTA has Monthly Meetings for members. Members are welcome to join no matter what their level of involvement. Meetings for the 2022-2023 school year will be held virtually via Zoom. Links for the current meeting will be listed on Suffield Elementary PTA's Facebook page and be sent out via One Call Now text by Mrs. Bookman on the day of the meeting. Meeting Minutes for our past meetings will also be available on our website.

Meetings for 2022-2023:

* Wednesday, February 22nd @ 3:45 pm

* Wednesday, March 22nd @ 3:45 pm

* Tuesday, April 18th @ 3:45 pm

* Tuesday, May 16th @ 3:45 pm