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ACT, SAT & PSATACT code for registration 363-487

The PSAT is given every year in October. Scores on the Preliminary SAT, a standardized test issued by the U.S. College Board determine college readiness and eligibiliity for national scholarship monies. Student can use their score to measure their verbal and math skills in relationship to their peer group nationwide.

The PSAT contains three sections: critical reading, math skills and writing skills. In scoring, a correct answer earns a point while an incorrect in penalized a quarter of a point to offset scores gained by guessing. A skipped question is not scored.

While colleges do not use PSAT scores for admission purposes, they determine eligibility for college scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Program. Only the top 50,000 of the approximately 1.5 million juniors who take the test each year receive any level of recognition.

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PSAT Date: PSAT will be given on October 14th, 2020 8AM.  The cost is $17.00. Make checks payable to Field Local Schools.

ACT Dates:4/4/2020, 6/13/2020, 7.18/2020

SAT Dates: 3/14/2020, 5/2/2020, 6/6/2020

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