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We are off to a good start in 2022. Our testing clinic yesterday was well utilized and the first day back has been good.
I want to let you know about new COVID procedures. This information was provided by the Portage Health District today. 

If a person is COVID positive they are to isolate at home for 5 days. On day 6, if they do not have symptoms or the fever is gone and the symptoms are improving, they may return to school wearing a mask for the next 5 days. If a person is exposed as a close contact to a COVID positive person in school, at home, or in the community and they are symptom free, they may remain in school wearing a mask for 10 days. They will be asked to test on or around day 5. If the test is negative, they can remain in school. If a person is exposed as a close contact to a COVID positive person and has symptoms or symptoms develop, they are to remain home for 5 days then may return to school with a mask for the next 5 days as long as they test negative. 

The requirement for school sports and extracurricular activities remains the same.

This updated guidance will allow many more students and staff to remain at school. This will allow the educational process to have fewer interruptions. As always, if the guidance changes, we will change with it. Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding as we navigate the school year.
Dave Heflinger
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Posted Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Please follow these 3 steps to register your kindergarten student for the 2021-2022 school year.
 Step 1:  Go to Final Forms to register your student
  • Parents/Guardians with a current student enrolled in Field Local Schools should choose the Parent Icon, login and choose Add A Student
  • Parents/Guardians without a current student enrolled in Field Local Schools should choose the Parent Icon and click on New Account.  You will need a valid email address to register your student.

Parent icon 

 Step 2:  Required documents need for registration:
  • All students registering for the 2021 –2022 school year must be five years old on or before August 1st, 2021
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Student’s Social Security Card 
  • Immunization Records
  • 2 Proofs of Residency*
  • Driver’s License of Parent or Legal Custodian Registering Student 
  • Custody Documents, if applicable
  • Copies of IEP/ETR, if applicable 

  • *Acceptable Proofs of Residency
    The item(s) MUST be in the parent or legal Guardian’s name and be dated within the last 30 days. The item needs to contain a complete
    address with city, state, and zip code. Field Local Schools will ONLY accept the following items (no photographs accepted):
    -Gas, water, electric, sewer or waste removal bill
    -Complete and current lease agreement (with tenant/landlord signatures)
    -Bank or mortgage statement
    -Pay stub
    -Cable/Internet/Landline statement
    -Homeowner/ Renter Insurance declaration, Deed or Property Tax statement
    -Official document from federal, state or county agency showing benefits received (may qualify)
Step 3:  Schedule an appointment to have your documents copied and to complete other important registration forms.

**If you are not sure which elementary school your child will attend, please call either elementary office to verify.  

Call the office to schedule an appointment 7am-2pm until June 25th or when they return on August 10th. 

Brimfield Elementary: 330-673-8581 (Mrs. Dalziel)
Suffield Elementary: 330-552-5252 (Mrs. Hurd)

 During your appointment:
  1. Bring the required documents from Step 2
  2. During this time, you will be asked to fill out an order form for the required tote bag used by kindergartners.  This bag fits on their chair and allows them to easily keep their belongings organized.  It will be used by the students all year.   Please bring $15 cash or check.  (Checks made payable to your building PTA--Brimfield PTA or Suffield PTA.)
 Things to remember:
  • Your student does not need to be present at your appointment.
  • You must wear a mask 
  • You must have ALL required forms completed in Final Forms to register your student.
  • You must bring $15 to order a tote bag during your registration. 
Please call the office 9am-2pm, on school days
Brimfield Elementary: 330-673-8581 (Mrs. Dalziel)
Suffield Elementary: 330-552-5252 (Mrs. Hurd)
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Posted Thursday, June 17, 2021
The period for open enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now closed.  
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Posted Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Board Approval 3/8/2021
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Posted Friday, February 12, 2021
Ready or not, the holiday season is here, along with all the festivities and fun that go along with it: family gatherings, shared meals, gift-giving, party planning, special school and church events, hosting out-of town family stays, and on and on. It’s enough to make your head spin just thinking about it.
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Posted Friday, March 1, 2019
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