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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Principal's Message Principal’s Message:  August 2019

Welcome to Suffield Elementary School where all students are leaders. We are excited that you are here on our website to learn about our school and the history making things we do here!!

At Suffield Elementary, we believe that adults should not do anything that  students can do.  Students can be leaders and being a leader creates self-confidence and pride.  And when students feel this pride and confidence great things happen!

Suffield Elementary is a Leader in Me school.  In 2014 a team of 9 teachers and a parent from our building went to the symposium and learned all about how leadership impacts student learning.  In 2015 our school applied for a grant to support the Leader in Me initiative.  In March of 2019 Suffield Elementary became an official Lighthouse School!

The Lighthouse Certification is a highly-regarded standard set by FranklinCovey that is attainable by every Leader in Me school. As it is a significant benchmark, applying for this certification typically occurs four to five years after a school begins the Leader in Me process.  Suffield is currently in year-5 of LIM.

The certification is evidence that Suffield has produced outstanding results in school and student outcomes, by implementing the process with fidelity and excellence. It is also because of the extraordinary impact that Suffield Elementary has made on students, parents, and the greater community.

Today, there are more than 300 schools around the world that have earned Lighthouse certification.  In Ohio there are fewer than 10 schools who have received this honor, which makes this accomplishment even more prestigious.  

As a Leader in Me school, students are learning skills that they can apply throughout their lives.  Many of you have probably heard about Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Here at Suffield we are learning those habits and applying them in our everyday lives.  These skills help make more well-rounded students who are college and career ready.

Suffield students apply the habits to everything they do at Suffield Elementary School.  When at recess, students follow Habit 1:  Be Proactive.  This means that they choose our own weather and are not reactive.  Students make decisions on how to act and behave.  They also understand that they decide if they will have a good day.

Students also learn to set goals and to work toward them.  Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind, teaches students to plan ahead.  They have learned to make a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal.  

In Leadership Notebooks, students set goals and track progress toward these goals.  They learn Habit 3:  Put first things first.  This is an important goal that helps all of us to remember the big “rocks” in life.  

Habit 4 teaches us to Think Win-Win.  This is important at school when we are working in groups.  It’s important for us to learn that we can all win.   If we do that, we can all be happy.  

Habit 5:  Seek first to understand, then to be understood teaches students to listen to others.  They learn to really pay attention to what their friends have to say.  When working in groups in class, this is important.  

Probably one of the students’ favorites is Habit 6:  Synergize.  When you walk around our school you will see everyone synergizing!  It’s a great way to work together.  

Finally, students learn to Sharpen the Saw:  Habit 7.  This habit lets us do something for ourselves.  It’s sort of like doing something that makes our heart happy.  

You probably think that learning all of these Habits takes away a lot of learning time, but really it does not!  Students learn about these habits in all the things we do at school.  Teachers help students see the habits in the stories we read and in the work they do each day.  

We invite you to visit the slide show on our home page  to learn much more about Suffield Elementary and all it has to offer!

Thank you for being part of our Suffield Family!  I look forward to serving you and your children.

Mrs. Bookman

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