Sunflower Lanyard Program

Macrophotography Of Sunflower by Scopio from

The Sunflower Lanyard Program for Hidden Disability Awareness, which is supported by charities, has been introduced where a sunflower lanyard, worn around the neck, lets others know that you have hidden disabilities. The Sunflower Lanyard idea is a different approach from the more commonly known awareness ribbons and bracelets as the lanyards can be worn by individuals with hidden disabilities as a way of discreetly letting others know they might need extra assistance in certain situations.

The Sunflower Lanyard Program for Hidden Disability Awareness is a fairly recent program supported by a number of U.K. charities including; The National Autistic Society, RNIB, Alzheimer's Society, Action on Hearing Loss, and other organizations, shopping complexes, and public transportation facilities, has been introduced so wearers of sunflower lanyards can "discreetly" let others know they have hidden, or invisible, disabilities.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower purpose aims to help others identify when support may be needed for those with disabilities such as autism, dementia, anxiety, or other conditions that may not be immediately obvious to other people.

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