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Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office

Todd Carpenter  Email  330-673-2659 ext. 5007
Assistant to the Treasurer      
Cathy Belding  Email  330-673-2659 ext. 5008
Payroll Coordinator      
Emily Langille  Email  330-673-2659 ext. 5009
Accounts Payable Coordinator       
Valerie Beal  Email  330-673-2659 ext. 5010

This section is prepared to give community residents a basic financial overview about their School District. The following will illustrate the District's financial resources and financial obligations, and the status of Local and State funding. Thank you for your interest.

Five-Year Financial Forecast

Beginning in Fiscal Year 1999, the State of Ohio mandated all public schools complete a yearly five-year forecast. This forecast must show three years of revenue and expenditure history plus five years of estimated future revenues and expenditures. This planning tool is designed to make sure Ohio's schools have the financial resources available to meet their anticipated expenditure requirements. Barring any potential state cuts, the Field School District has enough money to meet its current contractual commitments through all five years of this forecast.

Five Year Forecast
FY 2021-2025
Updated Fall 2019
Additional Financial Data

The future level of Local Funding depends largely on the level of future State Funding. It has been the goal and objective of the Board of Education and Administration to provide, within available resources, an appropriate educational program and learning environment which will effectively meet the educational needs of its students.

Current Mills Inside MillageVoted Millage

Total Effective Millage

Additional Financial Data
Inside 6.50 6.50
Outside  54.85 27.64
Perm. Imp.   1.00  0.99
Bond  3.743.74

The voters did approve a 4.91 mill bond issue in 2004 which permitted the construction of two new elementary buildings and renovation of other district buildings.

 Governmental and Similar Fiduciary Funds: General, Federal and State, Special Revenue, Bond Retirement, Capital Project, Athletic, Enterprise, Student Activity

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