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Not Able to "Make a Copy for Each Student" 
Assignments can only be made on the Classwork page.  You could be trying to create them from the Stream, which is only announcements.

Assignments also only offers to Make Copy for Students before you click on the blue Assign button.  After, you click, you can't edit it to make a copy and can only set it as Edit or View.  Make a Copy for Students is not the default.

If you made the second mistake (as have we all at some point), I would suggest that you don't delete the post right away, use the Reuse Post function to make a new assignment, but this time select Make a Copy for Students.  You can then delete the erroneous post.
Students Not Able to Access Documents for Assignments Past the Due Date
This Alice Keeler article talks about re-assigning the assignment to a few students as a way to give them access to the document.  Granting access to the document will give them editing rights to your original. 
Issues with Resubmitting Work or Needing to Request Access to Documents in Google Classroom
Often students are resubmitting their work without making the changes the teacher has asked for or resubmitting when it is unnecessary.  This video addresses the issues and helps them understand when resubmission is necessary.  It also covers why the Turn In Button has been replaced by a Request for Access button in documents that have been turned in.  Often. this is leading to students requesting access to documents or making multiple copies of assignments.   
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Resources for Virtual Teaching
Tips for creating a secure meeting environment
An infographic to post in your Google Classroom to help students be successful in a virtual classroom.
An infographic you can share with your students in your Google Classroom.
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