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Mrs Goldman

Mrs Goldman
Welcome to the Field Middle School Technology Classroom!  
Third Quarter Students - There is a video in your Google Classroom from me.  
Fourth Quarter Students:  There will be videos in your Google Classroom starting next Monday, March 30th. 
6th Grade Keyboarding:  4md2yli
7th Grade Coding:  loqsp6t
8th Grade Coding:  nxc47vv
From here on out all information will be shared through your Google Classroom 
GIRLS WHO CODE: Please just have some fun coding through the platform we have been using 
We will be learning ALL THINGS Google, Computer Coding, advanced Slides, Docs and Sheets all while improving our typing skills!  We also will spend much time learning about internet safety, what is acceptable (and unacceptable) and how to keep ourselves safe with these adult tools we are using.
I have been teaching since 1991 and have been with Field Local Schools since 2006.  What a fabulous district we have and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend my days with these students.  I live in North Canton with my husband, Adam, and my girls Alexandra and Jamie
Keyboarding: The 6th graders work on correct typing techniques, posture, accuracy and speed all while having their hands covered.  This class also works on increasing their Google Suite knowledge while creating a Google Sites blog. Digital Citizenship is a very important part of learning to use technology, we begin to cover the basics using
Coding: The 7th graders spend the first ten minutes of each class continuing to improve upon their typing technique. This year the students are learning how to create a website using HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) using the Computer Science Discovery program presented by  We also use's program Ignition to continue to learn about digital citizenship.
Computer Technology: The 8th graders spend the first ten minutes of each class continuing to improve upon their typing technique.  We do some more advanced Google Suite assignments using Google Drawings and Google Sites. This year we continue through the Computer Science Discoveries lessons through Code.Org. These are possibly the last  digital citizenship lessons these children will ever receive therefore these are taught through videos and discussions.  The hope is these students will understand the true life consequences their on-line choices can have.
Please do not ever hesitate to reach out and contact me.
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