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Mrs. Beech  
Title I 
Room 113
Suffield Elementary School 330-552-5252 ext. 2030 
     Hello Suffield families and students! This is my fourth year at Field. It is my second year as a Title I teacher here at Suffied. Prior to that, I taught 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies.  I am married and we have a son who will be turning 1 this year. We also have 2 sweet dogs at home.  My degree is from Ashland University for PreK-5th grade with a reading endorsement.   I have a passion for Reading and Language Arts and I am hopeful that I can make my students just as passionate as well!   
     As the Title I teacher, I work with students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade on Reading strategies and help them to build skills to make them successful readers. We spend a lot of time working on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and basic comprehension skills. We emphasize Guided Reading as a way to teach students skills at their level by using high interest books. You can find more information about Title I at the Title I website which you can find on the list of teacher websites. The website contains many links and resources that you can use to work with your child at home.  
 Suggestions for what you can do at home: 
  • Read together! Ask your child questions about the characters, the problems, where the story takes place, etc.
  • Play sound games with your child. Ask your child about rhyming words, beginning sounds, change the sounds in the words to make new words. (example: change the beginning sound in cat to make hat).
  • Read nursery rhymes and sing rhyming songs.
  • Give your child lots of opportunities to look at words, talk about the sounds the letters make and find those words in the world around you such as on cereal boxes, names of TV shows, on restaurant menus.  
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