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Ancient Olympics
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Ancient Olympics  
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Modern Olympics

Top 6 Differences Between the Ancient and Modern Olympics

Taken from the Washongton Post 
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Ms. Duddleson was a student at George Mason University and an intern at HNN when she wrote this article.


The ancient Olympic games only allowed people of Greek descent to participate. The Salt Lake City Olympics featured 2600 athletes from 77 countries. Only a few hundred athletes participated in the ancient games.


Only men were allowed to compete in the ancient Greek games. Athletic training in ancient Greece was part of every free male citizen's education. The first women to compete in the Olympics were Marie Ohnier and Mme. Brohy. They participated in croquet games in the 1900 Olympics.


The ancient Olympic games were held as a religious event to honor the Greek God, Zeus. A hundred oxen were typically given as a sacrifice. Frenchman Pierre baron De Coubertin, who helped revive the Olympic games in the nineteenth century, insisted that they feature the international competition of athletes.


The ancient Olympics yielded only one winner. A crown of olive leaves was placed on his head and a statue in his image was erected in Olympia. The current Salt Lake City Olympics feature 15 types of events, each with a Gold, Bronze, and Silver medalist (except when a game is rigged by the French, in which case two gold medals are given).


Winter Olympics are a modern invention. The ancient Greeks never thought of featuring skiing or other cold-weather events (for obvious reasons). The first winter Olympics was held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Two hundred and fifty-eight athletes participated from seventeen countries.


The ancient games were always held in Olympia. Only the first modern Olympics has been held in Greece, though the next games will be as well.

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