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tips for when you are stuck on a word.

Stuck on a word?

When your child is stuck on a word, remember these tips!
1. Wait at least 3 seconds. Many times children will not try to decode a word if they think you will tell them the word. They will just wait for you to give them the word.
2. Remind them to tap the word out. Tapping is a method we use at school. They tap their thumb with each finger. one for each sound in the word.
3. Ask them is there is any part of the word they could mark. Marking words is a skill we use in class. We mark the words to show digraphs, blends, glued sounds, suffixes, base words and different syllable types. See my phonics pages for more information.
4. Look at the pictures.
5. Flip the vowel sound. If you tried a short vowel sound and it didn't work. Try the long sound.
6. Skip it. Skip the word. read the rest of the sentence. Come back and try again. Read the sentence again. Use the other words to find the word meaning and go from there.
7. If number 6 didn't work, read the sentence again and say the first letter sound of the word.
Questions to ask:
Does it make sense?
Does it sound right?
Does it look right?
Last tell the child the word if you have tried two or three of these and it is not working. Please don't push it till the child is frustrated. We want them to enjoy reading. 
Don't forget to praise your child for working it out! Hard work should be admired.  
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