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Developing Reading/Language Skills

Reading is the primary focus of first grade. Parents and families can help their children become confident readers by providing opportunities to read and write. By reading daily with their children, parents not only enable school success, they also develop cherished memories. In addition to reading, I encourage families to write. Parents and children can write notes to each other, children can write grocery lists, families can create memory books. Emails to friends and family, along with old-fashioned letters, offer opportunities to practice phonetic skills, develop language awareness, and value written expression. Writing supports reading and reading supports writing. It is essential that young learners have numerous experiences in language activities. Children learn to read the following ways... 1. Phonetically - sounding out words. 2. Through memory - recognizing sight words 3. Contextually - predicting what the next word will be through language patterns and context clues. Children learn differently. I encourage parents to help their children read unknown words by coaching them to sound out, try to remember, and predict what word will make sense in the sentence. Most importantly, reading needs to be encouraged as a fun activity, as well as a means of discovery. Positive, successful experiences will elevate your child's desire to read independently. So try to read with your children every day and encourage their efforts!!
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