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R- Controlled Syllables

R-Controlled Syllables
R-Controlled Syllables

We learned that the letter r is a shark.
This makes the vowel that comes before him very scared, so he does whatever the r tells him to do! The vowel is not making the short or long shound. It is being controlled by the r-shark.


ar- car, hard, star, charm
or- short, porch, sport, born

We use -ore when the /or/ sound comes at the end of a word.

ore- more, shore, core, store

er, ir, ur

These are also r-controlled syllables. These three combinations all make the same sound therefore, we need to use our spelling options procedure.
Check each combination of letter to see what looks like the word we are trying to spell. If we aren't sure we can check the spelling options section of our notebook.

er- verb
ir- bird
ur- curb

Spelling options Procedure
Try the word each way
*this way looks right
If you are still unsure consult your student notebook or a dictionary.
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