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Portage County Tax Reappraisal Info
Field Families:
I know many of you are receiving your tax reappraisal from the Portage County Auditor.  This can lead to questions about how this impacts the school district, especially with a levy on the ballot.  Ohio school finance laws are complicated and can be difficult to understand.  I want to share some facts that will, hopefully, explain how this impacts the district.

Reappraisal of taxable values is required by law every six years.  Portage County is undergoing reappraisal in Tax Year 2018 for Tax Collection Year 2019.  The Field School District has a new tax levy on the November 2018 ballot for first collection in 2019.  This ballot issue is 9.85 mill operating and 1 mill permanent improvement.  The DOLLAR AMOUNT certified by the county auditor for this issue is $405,293 per mill.  This is the DOLLAR AMOUNT that will be collected in 2019, regardless of reappraisal values.  This was calculated before reappraisal.  That means the voted millage rate (9.85 and 1) will be reduced, and a lower millage rate actually collected.  This is called the effective millage rate.  The only growth the district may experience from the new levy is from new residential construction.  Otherwise, the annual DOLLAR AMOUNT is frozen at the DOLLAR AMOUNT certified prior to reappraisal.

Separate from the new levy, taxpayers may see an increase or reduction in their taxes due to reappraisal.  Since all prior levies are also frozen at the dollar amount they were originally certified, the tax burden may shift among taxpayers upon reappraisal depending on whether their value increased or decreased.

In Field’s case, the district has total voted operating expense levies of 44.10 mills.  As property values have gone up, the district can still only collect the original dollar amount.  Today, the effective millage rate is 18.8 mill.

All of this reduction in the effective millage rate is basically designed to subtract inflationary growth from the amount a district can collect.  This was established in HB 920 in 1976 as Ohio Revised Code Section 319.301.

I know this is very complicated.  The simplest way to say it is this...your individual taxes may go up or down through the years, but the school district only receives the DOLLAR AMOUNT the levy produced in the First Year of tax collection.  The only addition is new residential construction.  

I hope this helps you understand your tax bill and its relationship to the school district.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Dave Heflinger