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Daily Assignments

What did we do today?
Wednesday 9/12
  • Finish preparations for the poem collaboration
  • Begin presentations 
Tuesday 9/11
  • Review samples of student writing from last week--which parts are the most vivid and memorable?
  • Begin work on a small-group collaboration of a nature poem as a sample descriptive text 
Monday 9/10
  • MAP testing 
Friday 9/7
  • Genius Sharing of Abstract Ideas
  • HMWK:  Read the descriptive excerpts; annotate for strong word choice, vivid images, etc.
  • Journal Writing on Google Classroom:  Observation.  See the assignment sheet here
Thursday 9/6
  • Genius sharing!
  • Journal Writing:  Bringing Abstract Ideas to Life.  For full details, see the Journal Assignments page on Google Classroom. 
Wedensday 9/5
  • Genius sharing--by sharing your work and hearing the ideas of others, it can facilitate the writing of your formal descriptive composition.
  • Descriptive writing practice:  Music Journal.  [Remember that you are just going to keep adding all new journal entries to the doc that you created yesterday in Google Classroom.  If you're uncertain what to do, check out the Journal Guidelines again.  If you need the assignment details, find them on the Journal Assignments page.]
Tuesday 9/4
  • Formal Writing assignment:  Descriptive Writing  [Draft due 9/14; Final due to Google Classroom 9/20]
  • On Google Classroom, go to the Classwork page and open the assignment entitled Journal Writing. FIRST, read the guidelines for this informal writing, which explains why and how this should be done.  SECOND, open next line entitled Honors 11 Journal Prompts to find out the focus of your writing.  THIRD, create a new doc, set up the page according to the guidelines, and start writing; if you're doing this on your own, write for ten minutes straight.  

    **Finish up any work on Classroom from last week that you did not get done, like the Quill Diagnostic or the Multiple Intelligences/Learning Styles quizzes and the Google Form for the results (and don't forget to turn in the purple half sheet of paper, too!) **

Friday 8/31
  • Biopoem due to Google Classroom
  • Scavenger Hunt--let's see how strange and wonderful you all are! 
Thursday 8/30
  • Scavenger Hunt Items
  • Complete Quill Diagnostic (link on the stream on Google Classroom)--be sure to sign in with Google, using your Field email
  • Complete the two multiple intelligences quizzes and record your results on the purple paper I give you; then, record your results on the Google Form link AND turn in the purple paper.
  • Complete your biopoem and TURN IN by Friday; don't forget to add a picture for bonus points!
  • Did you TURN IN your self-inventory from the "Traits of Intelligent People"?  Make sure you do so via Google Classroom.
Wednesday 8/29
  • Writing for "Traits of Intelligent People" (on Google Classroom)
  • Begin typing final copy of Biopoem (on Google Classroom)
  • If you were absent, the Google Classroom code is phbftgi to join. 
Tuesday 8/28
  • Course syllabus and learning standards distributed
  • Parent information--Remember to return the completed forms ASAP; when you do, you will receive extra points!
  • Biopoem drafting (handout)--due by Friday 8/31
  • Bonus   If you've done as I've asked and checked out this page, show up tomorrow with a response to the following for some bonus points:  If with a fork is the answer, what is the question?
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