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Daily Assignments

Thursday 4/28
  • Finish Sherlock and discuss 
  • Begin a clip from the Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law film version
Wednesday 4/27
  • Sherlock
Friday 4/22
  • View pilot of the BBC's Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch to compare their characters to what we have seen thus far.
Thursday 4/21
  •  View the Jeremy Brett/David Burke version of "The Speckled Band"--how well does it match the original text?
Wednesday 4/20
  • Discuss the story--What are the traits of the Holmes/Watson pair?  What clues and red herrings are we given?  Is the ending fairly achieved? 
Tuesday 4/19
  • Finish reading story
  • Complete analysis sheet of its detective fiction elements (handout) 
Monday 4/18
  • Characteristics of mystery/detective fiction
  • Read Sherlock Holmes: "The Case of the Speckled Band" (handout)
Monday-Friday 4/4-4/15
  • My Science Fiction presentations 
Wednesday-Thursday 3/23-24
  • From Frankenstein to The X Files:  "The Post-Modern Prometheus" (the geneticist) 
Tuesday 3/22
  • My Science Fiction assigned
  • Discuss textual connections from The X Files, Asimov, and Bradbury. 
Monday 3/21
  • Finish "Ghost in the Machine"
  • Consider how this melds with "The Machine That Won the War" and "There Will Come Soft Rains" 
Friday 3/18
  • Technical difficulties, so we'll finish "Ghost in the Machine" next week
  • Read "The Machine That Won the War" and "There Will Come Soft Rains" 
Thursday 3/17
  • Technology vs. Humanity: "Ghost in the Machine" from The X Files 
Wednesday 3/16
  • Speculation via "A Sound of Thunder"--select a normal event or action that happened yesterday; then, speculate ten cascading results if that one event did not happen.  What does this suggest about the nature of reality and how easy it is to change? 
Tuesday 3/15
  • No school--primary voting 
Monday 3/14
  • Read "A Sound of Thunder" 
Friday 3/11
  • Mrs. Dahl and the Subconscious Mind 
Thursday 3/10
  • Share lists
  • Turn in investigation sheets
Wednesday 3/9
  • Discuss the nature of reality, just as "The Yellow Pill" does
  • Make a list as you go through your day of what you think you can or cannot verify are real
  • Complete the investigation of Phillips's short story (handout)  
Tuesday 3/8
  • Discuss the characteristics of Science Fiction (handout)
  • Read "The Yellow Pill" for tomorrow  
Monday 3/7
  •  My Horror presentations conclude
Thursday-Friday 2/25-3/5
  • My Horror presentations 
Wednesday 2/24
  • Supernatural and Bloody Mary via "Syzygy"
Tuesday 2/23
  • Finish Wendigo write-up/chart and turn both in
  • Pick up and read the Bloody Mary story (supernatural horror) 
Monday 2/22
  • Complete the exploration writing for the Wendigo myths; turn this and the chart in tomorrow.
  • My Horror projects to begin on Thursday 
Wednesday-Monday 2/10-2/22
  • View the following texts, completing the detail chart for the Wendigo myth:  The X Files "Shapes," Sleepy Hollow "And the Abyss Gazes Back," Supernatural "Wendigo," and Lost Tapes "Wendigo: American Cannibal." 
Tuesday 2/9
  • My Horror project assigned
  • Week of the Wendigo begins--we will examine several different examples of this monster in different texts; our objective will be to compare/contrast them and draw some conclusions about the monster's purpose for us all.
Monday 2/8
  • Finally finish "Irresistible" and discuss how the psychological horror plays out in its events.
Monday 2/1-Friday 2/5
  • Due to extensive illness in the building, we are off our schedule.  Finish the Poe/Bradbury analysis and turn it in during this time. 
Friday 1/29
  • Turn in Poe/Bradbury analysis
  • New text of psychological horror:  "Irresistible" from The X-Files 
Thursday 1/28
  • Complete analysis for Poe and Bradbury as examples of psychological horror 
Wednesday 1/27
  • View the first few scenes of Red Dragon, starring Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton; what elements of the horror genre are depicted here?  How is this psychological horror?  How does this depict a type of Ripper story?
  • Read "The Scythe" by Ray Bradbury for tomorrow
Tuesday 1/26 
  •  Finish "Blood and Fear" and discuss similarities/differences between the two tales
  • Read and annotate Poe's "The Black Cat" for horror elements
Monday 1/25
  •  View a second sample of a Ripper tale, "Blood and Fear" from Sleepy Hollow
Friday 1/22
  • Finish analysis and turn in 
Thursday 1/21
  • Work on analysis for horror of "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" (handout)
  • Horror Elements--1. intense negative imagery, 2. Gothic elements (sinister setting, abnormal psychology, atmosphere of evil, decay, supernatural events), suspense, plot twists (bizarre, everyday gone awry)
Wednesday 1/20
  • Notes on Popular Fiction and Horror
  • Begin reading "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" (handout); finish reading and annotating for tomorrow  
Tuesday 1/19
  • Class intro and syllabus
  • Genre Brainstorming and discussion 
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