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Course Description

Course Description

Welcome to Integrated 2

Ms. Donaldson


Room A-7

I hope you have a great year! Below is some information concerning this class. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you need to see me outside of class I am here from 7:20 to 3:00. I also have a planning period 1st and lunch 5th. See me if you have any questions or concerns.

1)You need to have certain materials for class every day. These materials include:

a.Your textbook- have a suitable cover on it by Friday.

b.Writing utensils

c.A notebook (spiral or 3-ring binder) for notes

d.A folder/binder for papers

e.Calculator- as needed ( you may use your phone for a calculator when appropriate)

  1. Attendance- Know the attendance/tardy policy from your handbook. The 4th tardy to class will result in a detention and referral to the office. If you are absent, check the “while you were out” folder for your work. If you are absent you need to make up tests and/or quizzes as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to make up your work!
  1. Take notes on each chapter as we go through them in class and read the chapters as we go through them. Each will help you to prepare for the tests. Study your notes as well.
  1. Points come from formal and informal assignments. Formal assignments make up 75% of your grade and consist of tests, quizzes, projects, and labs. Informal assignments make up 25% of your grade and include homework and participation. Formal points will make you or break you. i.e. If you fail to turn in a 10 point lab assignment your grade will be greatly reduced.
  1. Participation is 45 points per grading period. You receive participation points for

-bringing needed materials to class

-paying attention

-answering “question of the day” questions

-following directions

-exhibiting appropriate behavior

  1. You received an assignment book for the year. It is a great tool to keep yourself organized. Use it to record assignment due dates and assessment dates. You will be given 4 passes for each grading period. Keep this slip in your assignment book to use for passes to the restroom or your locker.
  1. Late work can be turned in for ½ credit. If you fail to turn in papers when I collect them, they are late. “I’ll hand it in when I find it” is an unacceptable response if you want to receive full credit.
  1. Keep track of your own grade. Get your pinnacle password from the guidance department.
  1. Sit in and stay in your assigned seat until the bell rings.
  1. Your lab groups will be assigned. You are expected to remain with your group during the entire lab period.
  1. Homework- You will have a few homework assignments per week. Some of them will be checked and others will be collected and graded. Do your own work. If you have the same answers as another person you both will receive a zero for the work. “We have the same answers because we worked together” is unacceptable. Write your answers in your own words.
  1. The “question of the day” will be on the board when you get to class. Answer it on a scrap piece of paper. These will be collected. You will not receive participation points for these by copying the answer from your neighbor.
  1. Cell phones are not to be out during class except when incorporated into the lesson. You will be asked to put your cell phone in my “cell phone” box if I see it. You may get it after the bell rings at the end of class. Any insubordination concerning cell phones will result in an office referral.

A little about Biology…

Biology is described as the study of life. This year we will be using hands-on activities and lab to explore life processes and prepare you for the OGT. We will be covering concepts such as:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Cells
  • Ecology
  • Animal Diversity
  • Plants
  • Evolution
  • Human Biology
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