Transportation Secretary - Mrs. Debbie Lipford
If you have any busing concerns, please contact the bus garage at (330) 673-0618.

Maplewood students and parents:
The Maplewood shuttle bus will leave the Field High School parking lot at 7:40 am to take our students to the Maplewood Joint Vocational School. In the afternoon the shuttle bus will bring your students back to the Field High School about 2:40 pm.  This service starts  August 26th and continues all days the Maplewood Joint Vocational School is in session. If Field Local Schools deems the roads to be unsafe and not transport our children we will not transport to Maplewood Joint Vocational School if they would decide to stay open.There  will also be a mid day run for those students that are taking such classes that need transportation at 11:00AM.



Would you like to make some extra money? Do you like to drive? Do you like children? If you answered yes, how would you like to join our transportation team. We are always looking for great people to help transport our students. We can help train you and walk you through all the state requirements. Please contact Mrs. Debbie Lipford or Mrs. Alice Sitko at the transportation department (330) 673-0618.


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