World Studies-Grade 6
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Class Description:

Grade 6 - World Studies-Eastern Hemisphere

Regions and People of the Eastern Hemisphere
In grade six, students study the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe), its geographic features, early history, cultural development and economic change. Students learn about the development of river civilizations in Africa and Asia, including their governments, cultures and economic systems. The geographic focus includes the study of contemporary regional characteristics, the movement of people, products and ideas, and cultural diversity. Students develop their understanding of the role of consumers and the interaction of markets, resources and competition. (Ohio Content Standards).

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Class Announcements

  • Why Study History-AND the Eastern Hemisphere?

    We are going  study some COOL past civilizations to help us understand our world today and the EASTERN HEMISPHERE better! We are not that different from our past-we just have better technology! We are going to use geography to understand people, places, and history. World Studies is really about OUR WORLD-We live in a Global Society and we are interdependent on each other. Get ready for a fun and exciting year!

    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Honest
    3. Do YOUR work.

  • Simple Solutions Workbook
    • WE use Simple Solutions workbook everyday! Bring it Everyday.
    • 4 lessons and a QUIZ every week.

  • Class Binder
    • You are required to keep a binder for this class.
    • Maps, Notes, Graphic Organizers are to be kept in Binder ALL year!

  • Homework Policy
    • I try to start all work in class.  Any work not finished is homework! Simple Solutions is out of class work. (But can be completed in school!)
    • If you miss class, see ALL teachers as soon as possible to get all work you missed!
    • Work not done on time may be made up in lunch detention and you may still get a 0!  You still have to know the material!
    • No Name papers will not be graded (0) and may have to be made up!
  • BYOD-We will have the opportunity to use electronic devices in the classroom for educational purposes ONLY. We will follow FMS policy and all students have access to a device.

  • The Good Student


    Because they do what is right!           


    Because school is fun!


    Learning because it helps us enjoy life!

World Studies Fun & Family Photos
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Weekly Assignments
Mon 11/20-Tue 11/21
  • NO Simple Solutions this Week! 
  • Today is Timelines and Latitude/ longitude Quick review! 
  • Tomorrow we will be talking about Hatshepsut, the Rosetta Stone, and doing Heiroglyphics! 

Wed 11/22 

  • Incentive Day! You Earned it!

No school Thur., Fri., and Monday! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family and Friends! 

Next Simp. Sol. 45-46 & 47-48

General Class Files
General Links
Ohio's Digital Educational Library
Virtual Middle School Library
Online Library
My Favorite Kids History Site!
My favorite history site for kids! Tons of useful history information!
World Atlas
Very helpful World Atlas and Geography site.
Kids World History
Good History Site with good history information.
National Geographic
National Geographic-Great Site for pictures, maps, and information.
History Channel
The History Channel
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