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World History

Chapter 11 Imperialism

December 19th- 23rd: 
Monday: Work on Mini Project
Tuesday:  A.D. China & Open Door Policy (Mini Project Due)
Wednesday: Go over Hw- Finish Imperialism
Thursday: Winter Break- Happy Holidays
Friday: Winter Break-Happy Holidays 
December 12th-16th: 
Monday: Scramble for Africa Webquest
Tuesday: Scramble Game & Written Response
Wednesday: Imperialism in Africa A.D.
Thursday: Imperialism in China
Friday: Begin Mini Project
December 5th-9th:
Monday: British in India Outline
Tuesday: Pre-Test & A.D. on Imperialism in India
Wednesday: British in India DBQ
Thursday: Reading & Guided Questions
Friday: Scramble for Africa Map

Ch. 7 & 8 Industrial Revolution

November 21st-25th:
Monday: Oliver Twist & Life in the I.R.
Tuesday: Oliver Twist & Life in the I.R. 
Wednesday: Oliver Twist & Life in the I.R.
Thursday: No School- Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Friday: No School
November 14th-18th: 
Monday: Chapter 8.1 Outline
Tuesday: Finish Outline & A.D. on Advances in Tech 
Wednesday: Finish A.D. on Advances in Tech
Thursday: Chapter 8.2 Reading & Questions
Friday: Overview of Oliver Twist & Life in the Industrial Revolution
November 7th- 11th:
Monday: Photo Analysis Child Labor
Tuesday: No School- Election Day
Wednesday: Active Discussion New Society & New Ideas (study guide)
Thursday: Review/ Work on Study Guide
Friday: Chapter 7 Test
October 31st- November 4th: 
Monday: Work on Project
Tuesday: Work on Project
Wednesday: Industrial Revolution Active Discussion
Thursday: Factories & Workers Outline
Friday: Active Discussion- Factories & Workers + Child Labor Primary Source Analysis 
   **** Projects Due Friday November 4th 
October 26th-28th:
Wednesday: Introduction to Industrial Revolution
Thursday: Inventors Wkst & Project Planning Sheet
Friday: Begin Working on Project 

Unit 1- Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment


October 24th-28th:
Monday: "How Did Napoleon Change France"? WKST & Study Guide
Tuesday: Napoleon Quiz
October 17th- 21st: 
Monday: Intro Active Discussion on Napoleon 
Tuesday: Finish A.D.
Wednesday: Napoleon Tweets Activity
Thursday: Active Discussion The Fall of Napoleon
Friday: Video on Napoleon
October 10th- 14th: 
Monday: Go Over HW- Begin Crossword Activity
Tuesday: Finish Crossword Activity
Wednesday: Video on Reign of Terror
Thursday: Quiz
Friday: No School- NEOEA Day
October 3rd-7th: 
Monday: Events of the Revolution Active Discussion
Tuesday: Finish Active Discussion on Rev.
Wednesday: Declaration of the Rights of Man Activity
Thursday: Reign of Terror
Friday: Finish Reign of Terror
Sept. 26th-30th: 
Monday: Mind Mapping French Revolution (HW if not completed)
Tuesday: Active Discussion French Revolution
Wednesday: Marie Antoinette
Thursday: Marie Antoinette
Friday: Storming of the Bastille (HW if not Completed) 
Sept. 19th-23rd: 
 Monday: American Revolution Active Discussion
Tuesday: Finish Active Discussion & Begin Amer. Rev. Doc.
Wednesday: Finish Doc. & Complete Chapter Review (HW if not finished)
Thursday: Jeopardy
Friday: Test over Chapter 5
Sept. 12th-16th: 
Monday: Enlightenment Trading Card Activity
Tuesday: Enlightenment Active Discussion
Wednesday: Enlightened Despots Outline & Discussion
Thursday: Quiz
Friday: "Road to Revolution" (HW if not finished)
Sept. 5th-9th
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Go over outline/active discussion
Wednesday: DBQ on Scientific Revolution (Homework if not completed in class)
Thursday: Go Over HW- Beginnings of the Enlightenment Activity
Friday: September 11th Discussion

Supplies Needed

A Notebook or A Binder With Loose Leaf Paper
Pencils/ Pen
2 Pocket Folder
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