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Welcome letter


( If there is anything you wish to discuss, please feel free to call me at school 330.552.5252 (I can return phone calls during “specials” or after school),

via e-mail or at home 330.714.8997.

Dear Parents,

I am Mrs. Schafer and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher this year. We are going to have a great year, with a lot of learning in store. This note will give you a brief overview. We will be switching teachers for most subjects to ensure your child receives the most appropriate instruction at their ability level. It is possible that your child may have a different teacher for homeroom, reading and math. Science and Social Studies are taught as a homeroom.

In addition to myself, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Koch and Mrs. Scotten round out the third grade team.

ü Reading class will include all Language skills and will be held during the morning. Your child’s reading teacher will be able to give you a better idea of their expectations. Each of us use and encourage Accelerated Reader as part of our reading instruction.

ü Math is taught in the afternoon. Third grade common core standards include patterns, basic operations, geometry, measurement, time, and word problems. There is a HUGE emphasis on multiplication and division concepts, so memorizing facts is crucial. We’ll be singing songs and using computer programs here at school, but working on these at home really, really makes a difference. Talking about money and time will give your child a boost, too.

ü Social Studies units include map reading, our local community, economics and government.

ü Science units encompass scientific inquiry, rocks and soil, living things, and states of matter.

ü Your child’s specials for the week are scheduled from 1:40-2:25. The school will be using a four-day rotation. Day 1~PE, Day 2~music, Day 3~Art and Day 4~media.

ü Recess and lunch is scheduled from 10:45-11:35. We will be at recess then lunch. Consider sending in money to put into their lunch account. You can do this online, too.

ü Organizational tools will include an assignment book that we will fill out together each day. Please check this and be assured I check for any notes or questions you might have. We also use the Friday folder. Please remove the contents and send it back, signed, each Monday.

ü Your child’s supplies are the tools they need daily, please help them by providing these tools.

ü Suffield Elementary will continue the Leader in Me, and all the wonderful things that brings to our family. I am thrilled to be part of this and hope that you will embrace it in your home by encouraging your child to talk to you about it.

ü STC…Subject To Change. It is nearly impossible to give you all the details about how this year will go. Things change in the field of education and we all want the best for our kiddos. We are constantly learning and trying new things. As a third grade team, we teachers try to be on “the same page” as much as possible. We share ideas and sometimes change things mid-year.

I will certainly try to keep you informed via e-mail, newsletters and notes in the assignment book. So, having said all of that, I am hoping that you understand when we have a “change in plans” and will be flexible along with me.

Thank you in advance for your effort on your child’s behalf. I am looking forward to a terrific year.


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