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Ways to encourage your new reader at home...

Ways to encourage your new reader at home...

There are so many ways that you can encourage your child to love reading and to develop as a reader. Read on for some good ideas!
( Some of these ideas are mine and some are from other teachers around the country. Thanks to those educators who are more than willing to share their experiences for the benefit of all new readers!)
~ Pick a cozy spot and make it your reading spot. A bed, comfy chair with pillows or cuddling up on the couch are perfect places to enjoy a good book!

~ Set a routine for reading. Reading in the same place or the same time of day sets the stage for reading. Bedtime is always a favorite. Once the dinner dishes are cleaned up and things are winding down is another great time to enjoy a book with mom or dad.

~ Let your child choose books that are engaging to them.

~ You are your child's best teacher. Let them see you read often and many things. Reading novels, magazines, newspapers etc. shows your child the many varieties of reading material available to them.

~ Encourage your child to read fun, favorite books again and again.

~ Point out environmental print to your child. Words are all around us, not just in books. Encourage your child to read cereal boxes, signs, billboards, menus etc.

~ Help your child make a "reading stick" to point to words in a book. A popsicle stick or chop stick would be perfect choices! Dip the tip in glue and some glitter and you're all set! By pointing to print as your child reads, your child will learn to match a written word to one read aloud. This is called one to one correspondence.

~ While your child is reading to you, ask questions about what is happening and what your child thinks about the story. When your child talks about what they are reading, they are thinking and comprehending too.

~ Take a picture walk before reading a book with your child. This is when you look through the book and discuss pictures and make predictions about what's coming next in the story before you even think about reading the print. This helps children become familiar with vocabulary they may encounter while reading and gives them background knowledge that will help them with new words.

~ Share the reading of a book. Take turns reading pages. When it's your turn, read with great expression. (I like using different character voices. :) This will encourage your child to do the same.

~ Point out things to your child that he/she is doing well. Be sincere and specific. For example, "I loved the way you looked at the picture to figure out the word _____. That was so smart."

~ When you are reading to your child, stop often to "wonder" about the story aloud. For example, "I wonder what Goldilocks thought when she saw the three bears looking at her!" This is a great way to have a conversation about the book you're reading and will encourage your child to wonder as they read also.

~ Match books to your child's interests. If they love horses, read about horses. If they love sports, read a story with a sports theme.

~ Read aloud to your child OFTEN. Reseach shows that reading aloud is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for your child's eventual success with reading.

~ How does what your child is reading relate to their personal experiences? If it does relate in some way, point that out to your child. It will improve their comprehensions and help them make personal connections to books.

~ It takes time, but having your child retell the story or main idea after reading a book is the best way to know if they comprehend what they've read. If your child has "read" a book but can't share important events or ideas about characters etc. then it's not really considered reading. We read for understanding so we have to understand what we read!

~ If your child finds a series book that they love, encourage them to read other books in the same series. Some of our favorite series books in class are Henry and Mudge and Magic Treehouse. :)

~ Chill out! Let your child know that laying on their bed or cuddling on the couch with a good book is not a waste of time..... Turn off the TV and get caught up in a good story.

~ What were your favorite books as a kid? Share those with your child as read alouds. They may become their favorites too!

~ When poetry notebooks come home for the weekend, re-read favorite poems and encourage your child to share with family who may not get to hear them read often. The praise they will get is sure to motivate them to read at least a few more!

~ Get your child a reading buddy. When you can't listen to your child read, a favorite stuffed animal or family pet is a great stand in. :)

~ Go to the reading links on our class webpage. Find some of the favorite author pages and have your child listen to a story online.


I hope these ideas are helpful to you at home. If you have other ideas that you would like to share, let me know and I will add them to this page. Happy reading!
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