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Ways to encourage your child's writing...

Ways to encourage your child's writing...
What can I do to support my new writer?

Writing can be a bit intimidating for six and seven year olds. It's exciting, but there is so much to remember! You can do so much to encourage your child's excitement and support all that they are learning about writing in 1-2 this year! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

~ Let your child see you write often! Tell them what you are writing and why. This helps them to see writers writing for authentic purposes.

~ Provide lots of materials to encourage writing at home. Fun paper in different shapes, sparkley pencils, gel pens, writing pads etc. make young learners eager to write.

~ Get your child a special book with blank pages and a special pen to use as a writing journal.

~ Take a photo. Have your child write about the picture.

~ Make a list of writing ideas with your child. Refer to this list often for great things to write about.

~ Have your child type sentences or stories on the computer. Print them out and illustrate.

~ Have your child e-mail a friend or family member.

~ Have your child help to write shopping or to-do lists.

~ Kiddos LOVE chart paper! Get a tablet at the office supply store and watch them write, write, write!

~ Don't worry about correcting your child's spelling at this point. Encourage tapping out words (like we do in Wilson...) and correct spelling of trick words.

~ Help your child think of story ideas... If you do something fun together, say, "That would be a great idea for your writing..."

~ When your child sits down to write at home, remind them to use capitals and end marks in their sentences.

~ Do you have magnetic letters on your fridge? If not, investing in some will be a fun way to practice spelling words and to write short sentences for family members to read.

~ We learn about adding labels to our illustrations when we write non-fiction pieces. You can extend this learning at home by allowing your child to "label" objects around your home. Pick one room and see how many things they can label. On another day, go to another room and see if they can label more things in that room....

~ Stapel papers together to make little books. Your child can write stories and illustrate them and give as gifts to friends or relatives.
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