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U.S. History

U.S. History
Class Description:

Tenth-grade students continue the chronological study of the history of the United States with emphasis on domestic affairs. This course will include pre-Twentieth Century coverage, giving the student the background they need to put recent history in context. As students study historic eras, they consider the geographic, cultural, economic content standards requried for 10th grade students to master the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). Students develop a deeper understanding of their role as citizens and continue to exapnd their command of social studies skills and methods.

Students will use the Holt online testing server located at:

World War I
Class Files / Links
Each square is color coded to represent a different level of knowledge. You are placed on level by your previous test grade.
world War I - PowerPoint on the creation of the Treaty and Wilson's 14 points
New Deal - Use textbook to find the agencies created by FDR's New Deal
Great Depression - The key components of the New Deal. Relief, Recovery and Reform
Worksheet about the creation of the TVA. New Deal
Used with battles worksheet
Used with Pacific battles worksheet
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