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Trick Work/ Sight Word Lists

Trick Work/ Sight Word Lists
Check this page often for updated sight word lists. (These words will also come home on flashcard sheets each Monday.) Sight words are also spelling words and will be tested at the end of each Wilson Unit. Once word lists are tested, they go up on our word wall and are then considered "No Excuse" spelling words and should be spelled correctly from then on. Frequent practice of words, even after our tests, is a great idea!

Trick Word/ Sight Word Lists
 Wilson Unit 4 and 5
Week of Oct. 23rd:  you, your, I, they 
Week of Oct. 30th:  was, one, said 
Week of Nov. 6th:  from, have, do, does
     * Test Friday, November 10th*
Wilson Unit 3
Week of Oct. 9th-  as, has, to, into 
Week of Oct. 16th-  we, he, she, be, me, or, for
*Test Friday, Oct. 20th*
Wilson Unit 2
Week of Sept. 18th-  boy, girl, them, then 
Week of Sept. 25th:  is, his, the, a, and, of   
*Test Fri. Oct. 6th*
Wilson Unit 1: 
Week of Aug. 28-  go, so, no 
Week of  Sept. 4th- like, part, play
Week of Sept. 11th- find, some, more 
**Test Friday, Sept. 15rd**
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