The Crucible Journal Assignments

Journal Assignments: The Crucible

College and Career Readiness ODE Content Standards:

  • Draw evidence from literary text to support analysis and reflection.
  • Write routinely over extended time frames for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.

All journal entries must discuss the relationship between the personal examples you provide and examples provided in The Crucible. If you choose not to relate your journal to The Crucible, you will not be able to get full credit for your journal entry.

Choose one entry from each act. Write one page (in detail) about a time when . . .

ACT ONE Write about a time when . . .

  • Someone you know thought he/ she might be in trouble, and he/ she lied to avoid it.
  • You were among a group of people who had trouble getting along. What were the underlying problems or motivations among them?
  • Rumors were flying. Did someone try to dispel them?
  • Your emotions prevented you from making a good choice.
  • You found yourself "in over your head" because of a bad choice you made.
  • You made a good choice that played a role in who you are today.

ACT TWO Write about a time when . . .

  • You or someone you know was judged unfairly.
  • You asked to be forgiven for a wrong you'd done but weren't.
  • Jealously (your own or someone else's) caused a problem for you.
  • Honesty (yours or someone else's) played a role in a conflict in your life.
  • Your emotions in a particular situation clouded your judgment.

ACT THREE Write about a time when . . .

  • You (or someone you observed) were on a "power trip."
  • You were frustrated by the blatant lies someone was telling and everyone believed.
  • You sacrificed a principle that is important to you for a person that is important to you.
  • You (or someone you know) were asked to "name names" or implicate others in a problematic situation.

ACT FOUR Write about a time when . . .

  • You pretended to be something or someone you are not.
  • You became totally disillusioned with someone or something that you believed in.
  • You were afraid to admit you were wrong.
  • You gave up something or someone important to you for a principle.

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