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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy
All children are precious gifts. Those of us lucky enough to work with children celebrate the opportunity to enrich their lives.

I believe that
  • all children can learn.
  • children learn differently and at varying paces.
  • every child must be respected.
  • every child has redeeming qualities and special talents.
  • every child needs to feel safe and loved.

My goal is to provide a learning environment in which every child is accepted and appreciated for his/her unique abilities. I hope to develop an atmosphere of community, where students compliment and help one another. After all, these students will spend many years together as they pursue their education. I am eager to help them get off to a great start!

In my classroom, children will be responsible for their actions - good and bad. Any missteps in behavior will be dealt with and discussed, helping children choose appropriate behaviors. All efforts and achievements, large and small, will be celebrated.

In my classroom, children will work. We have numerous learning objectives to accomplish which require the full participation of every student. I encourage my students to enjoy their work and be excited by the challenges they will meet.

I hope to develop a partnership with parents as we travel through this amazing journey of educating your child. Parents are their child’s first and most important teachers. Parents know their child’s strengths better than anyone. With this in mind, I hope to keep lines of communication open. Together, I am certain that we can offer your child an excellent education that develops skills and confidence, while preparing your child for a lifetime of academic success.
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