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Syllable Types

Syllable Types
1. Closed Syllable (c)

*has 1 vowel

*the vowel is "closed in" at the end with at least 1 consonant

*the vowel makes the short sound

EX. cot, map, at, duck

2. Open Syllable (o)

* has 1 vowel

*the vowel has no consonants at the end

*the vowel makes the long sound

EX. go, be, no, hi

3. Vowel-Consonant- e (v-e)

*has a vowel followed by one consonant then an e

*makes the long sound

EX. cake, ride, mode, mule, Pete

4. Double Vowel (d)

* has 2 vowels working together to make one sound (a vowel team)

EX. key, pail, chew, show, soup, school

5. R-Controlled (r)

*has a vowel immediately followed by and r

*the r "eats" the sound of the vowel

EX. car, bird, shower, turn

6. Consonant-le (-le)

*the last syllable of a word

*has a consonant follwed by "le"

EX. table, paddle, cradle, ladle
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