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St.Jude's Math-A-Thon

St.Jude's Math-A-Thon

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St. Jude Math-A-Thon Online Fundraising Instructions – Student

Please use these instructions to help you take advantage of the online fundraising site for your St. Jude Math-A-Thon. To get started, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. In the "Participants" section, click on the "Find an Event" button.

3. Select your state.

4. Below the map, enter some or all of your school/event information and click the "Find" button. Select your event from the list of events that populates. If there is more than one page of events listed, you can use the "Next" button to find your event.

5. When the event page appears, click on the "Students Register Here" tab below the event name.

6. Create a username and password, then click on "Participate in Event."

7. Fill out the participant information. This is where you can set up a personalized link to your fundraising page, e.g.,, which is great for requesting donations via email, Facebook and Twitter. After completing the form, click "Register."

8. When your event page opens, the "Getting Started" instructions will populate. You can close this window as the same instructions are listed on this sheet. Click the "Profile" tab to make sure your contact information is entered correctly. This is also where you set your fundraising goal. If you make changes to your profile information, click "Update" at the bottom to save your changes.

9. Customize your event page by clicking on the "Customize My Page" tab. Make it your own by posting pictures of what inspires you, prior events, etc. and customize the text, or use the St. Jude images and text that are already provided. Click the "Save and Preview" button, then close the preview window. You can make additional edits to your page at any time.

10. Go to the "Communications Center" tab.

a.) You’ll start on the "Address Book" tab. Create your address book by selecting one of the options – "Import Contacts", "Add Contacts", or "Import CSV File". You can use all three options to add contacts to your address book, and you can manage your contacts at any time by clicking on the "Address Book" tab.

b.) Click on the "Create and Send Email" tab to customize and send emails to request donations, remind and thank donors.

Example: If you send 100 emails to friends and family and 50 of them respond with a $25 donation, you would raise $1,250 for St. Jude. Think of the possibilities!

c.) Click on "Share with My Networks" to post links to your fundraising Web page on Facebook and Twitter. You can also download a St. Jude-themed widget, which allows your sponsors to access your fundraising page directly from a personal blog, company intranet or other Web page.

11. Utilize the "My Progress" tab to track your fundraising progress, enter cash and check amounts, and print out a progress report.

Extra tip: here's a plan on how to raise $270 in only 10 days.

Day 1: Show your commitment and contribute to yourself=$25 Day 2: Ask your friend/parents to match your donation=$25 Day 3: Ask family/friends to donation in lieu of a birthday gift=$20 Day 4: Ask your parents to send your Web link to their co-workers and ask them to donate=$25 Day 5: Ask someone who has been affected by cancer for a donation=$25 Day 6: Ask your two best friends for $25 each (2 x $25 each) $50 Day 7: Ask everyone in a club or organization to donate (5 x $5 each)= $25 Day 8: Ask your parents to e-mail their holiday card list to invite friends to visit your page=$25 Day 9: Ask your hairstylist/barber/dentist/doctor to donate=$25 Day 10: Ask someone who has asked you for support in the past=$25


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