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Spelling Information

Spelling Information
Spelling in 1-2
                 Spelling is practiced daily in 1-2 in a variety of ways!
We are learning spelling strategies during our Wilson Reading activities and practicing those strategies all day long!  
We will be learning 120 trick words over the course of the school year during our Wilson Fundations time.  Your child will have 3-4 sight words or trick words to learn to spell per week and they will come home in flash card form on Mondays.  
At the end of each Wilson unit, we will have a trick word spelling test.  I will give you each test date and all unit words well in advance for home practice.  While we practice our words daily in class, home practice will be essential in your child's success!     The words we learn each week will then go up on our Word Wall and in our Student Notebooks and be "No Excuse" spelling words from that point on.  This means that there is "no excuse" for spelling them incorrectly since we have studied them in class and at home.  
On Fridays we will have Wilson spelling check-ups to test your child's progress with spelling patterns that we are working on each day.  These check-ups will include writing letters to represent sounds, words and two sentences which will include trick words.  Periodically, grades will be taken on these check-ups.  
*For a list of upcoming trick words to be tested, click on the " Upcoming Trick Word Spelling Test" on the left.*

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