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Spanish I

Bienvenidos al Espanol 1

Spanish I is an introductory course to not only the Spanish language, but also the study of a foreign language in general.
Vocabulary study and memorization are key components, particularly in the first year. Our targeted vocabulary topics will include Descriptions of People and Classes, Talking about Family, Describing our Home and Community and Discussing Favorite Pastimes, Sports and Foods.
Spanish sentence structure and grammar are also taught in each chapter. At the end of Spanish I the student should be able to express himself/herself in simple terms and ask uncomplicated questions regarding the above mentioned topics.
Homework is frequently assigned throughout the week, but RARELY on weekends. Homework can most often be found in either the text or the workbook, but may sometimes be a teacher produced handout. In the latter case, you can find a copy of the assignment here at this site to be printed and completed (in the event it was forgotten or misplaced at school.)
Please see the "Dear Parents" page for the best ways to help your son/daughter succeed in this year's beginning language class.

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