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Ski and Snowboard Club

Field Ski and Snowboard Club

Want to learn an awesome and fun skill to have winter
fun with your friends!  Join the Field Ski and Snowboard
Club!  We go on Fridays leaving the School around 4:15 PM and return around 9:45 PM. Ski & Snowboard Club starts in January. As long as there is SNOW!
Here is what you get by joining our Club:
  •  Learn to Ski or Snowboard                  
  • Get better at your skills
  • Have Winter fun with your friends!
  • What can be better than having  FUN on the slopes?!!
Please see me for information and sign ups! Room G12 (upstairs) at the Middle School.
Phone 330-673-4176 ext. 4045
 Ski and Snowboard Club go to Boston Mills Ski Resort for at least 5 trips.  Remember your passes are good at the resorts until the end of season!  You can go every Friday until they close for the season!  You can go to Boston Mills, Brandywine, and even Alpine Valley!  Go enjoy a night even when we don't transport!
 If you have ANY questions please 
contact me!
(2018-2019)  THE NEW BM/BW RESORT CLUB FEES ARE $223 FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS WITH FREE RENTALS!  THERE IS NO DISCOUNT FOR OWNERS ANYMORE!  BUT...your Value Passes now include FREE RENTAL TOO!  Use their equipment and save wear and tear on yours!!! 
Refunds-there are NO refunds for this discounted program.  
Ski Resorts Website:
What are Value Passes? I am so glad you asked!
 Value Passes:

All Club members receive four *$10 Value Passes that can be used towards any of the following:

  • An all day snow pass at Boston Mills/Brandywine or Alpine Valley
  • A snow tubing session
  • A late night session

Club Cards must be presented at our pass windows by the person whose name appears on the card (or by an adult supervisor/parent/guardian), but any of the Value Passes obtained may be used for a friend or family member if desired. They may not be resold. You can use all four Value Passes at once, and any snow pass you obtain includes rental equipment. 

  • Each member will receive four Value Passes to use at times other than their regularly scheduled club session.  The four Value Passes will be encoded directly on your Club Card.
  • Either skis or snowboards can be rented on a Value Pass.
  • The four Value Passes can be used for snow tubing, late night sessions, or all day snow passes at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley.
  • If for any reason your club will not be attending as an “organized group” due to cancelations on your scheduled day, within the five-consecutive week timeframe, members MUST use one of their Value Pass validations (or pay full price at the ticket windows) to obtain a snow pass and rental, if needed for that day.
  • Unused validations expire at the end of each season
  • The four Value Passes are *$10.00/ each.

Ski & Snowboard Club Pics and Fun!


 Sign ups have begun!
login is - fieldski
password is - wish4snow
Sign up online and pay them online!
Club begins in January! 

IMPORTANT DATES for 2018-2019
It is important to have 25 members to have a club! To be cost effective!...This will be the LAST season of no transportation fees!
Transportation Fees will be around $25-$35 a season...sometimes higher...the more members will lower the trasportation cost.

Middle School students-you can leave your ski stuff in my room-I will be staying after school so you can stay in my room until it is time to leave.

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