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Silent Spring topics for Chapter 9 "Rivers of Death"

Silent Spring topics for Chapter 9 "Rivers of Death"

Powerpoint or Poster

Define 8 terms from the assigned reading. Provide an illustration that represents each term.


Write a letter to the mayor or state representative with your concerns about the use of pesticides citing examples of the harm you witness. Use dates and places from that chapter of the book.


Make a colored 8 1/2 by 11” advertisement poster about DDT. Explain how the chemical works and what it is used for. Promote the chemical’s deadly properties.

Make a Wanted Poster

Make a wanted poster of the spruce budworm. Give details about what it does, where it lives and its life cycle. Include a picture.

Write a Journal Entry

Imagine that you are gathering additional evidence of how humans interfere with the balance of nature. Write an entry in your field journal describing evidence of the disruption you observe in your own town.


Make a poster of the salmon life cycle. Include where they are born, “raised”, and die. Label the stages of the life cycle with ages.

Trading Cards

Make 5 “trading cards” of organisms in the reading. On one side of the card include information about where they live, what they eat etc. On the other side, include a picture with the name of the organism.


Make a timeline of the history of DDT. Include what it was initially used for and how the uses of it changed. Include the effects of the chemical over time.


Make a flyer advertising Rachel Carson as a guest speaker. Include a paragraph or two describing some of her topics of discussion (according to this chapter), date, time, and place in accordance with the book.

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