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Sight words

Sight words
Sight words / spelling words
As the year progresses your first grader will be expected to learn a list of sight words. They will need to be able to recognize the word as well as spell the word. You will find the words for each spelling test on the back of your child's take-home folder. The date of the test will also be listed. Smaller unit lists may be lumped together for testing. 
Unit 1
go, no, so, like, part, play, more, some, find
Unit 2
them, then, boy, girl, the, a, and, is, his, of, give, old, color

Unit 3
as, has, to, into, we, he, she, be, me, or, for
Unit 4 
I (I needs to be capitalized), you, your, they, was, one, said

Unit 5
from, do, have, does  

Unit 6
are, were, than, who, what, when, where, there, here

Unit 7
why, by, my, try, put, two, these, very, too, also, some, come

Unit 8
would, could, should, her, over, number

Unit 9
say, says, because, see, each, between,

Unit 10
any, many, oil, how, now, down, out, about, our 

Unit 11
friend, other, another, none, nothing, school, open, every, know
Unit 12
people, month, again, been, little, own, want
Unit 13
work, word, write, their, being, first, look, good, new
Unit 14
water, called, day, way, may 
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