Senior Information

To: Field High School Seniors

From: Field Days Yearbook Staff

Date: August 29, 2017

Re: Guidelines for Senior Pictures

The picture that you submit for publication in the senior section of the 2018 Field Days yearbook should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Approximate picture size: 2.25” wide X 3.25” high

  • Approximate head size: 1.5”

  • The pose should be head and shoulders only—no hands, objects, etc. (Do not submit pictures with the subject leaning against a tree, a fence, a barn, a car, or any other object. No full body shots.)

  • Plain, solid color or blurred-out background

  • No visible logos on clothing

  • Keep perspective in mind; shots from above will make the subject appear to be in a hole when printed in the yearbook. A traditional pose is best for this.

  • In color—no black and white photos

Submission Options

1. Printed pictures can be submitted to the yearbook staff anytime; give them to Ms. Burke in

A5 or place in her mailbox in the main office.

2. Students and Photographers may submit via email to christine.burke@fieldlocalschools.org

    Acceptable digital file formats: .jpg or .tiff

[NOTE: Do NOT take prints from your photographer and scan them; the quality is usually poor,

making them unusable. Instead, have your photographer submit the images digitally.]

Submission deadline: February 2, 2018


The yearbook staff reserves the right to reject submitted pictures which do not follow the above guidelines. Seniors are not required to have their picture taken by a professional photographer, but you were required to get your picture taken by Lifetouch at school for identification purposes; if you do not submit a senior picture (or it does not meet the specifications below), we MAY use your Lifetouch photograph in the senior section of the yearbook.

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