Self-Selected Novel Assignment
istinguish whether the setting of this portion of the novel contributes to the development of the plot or characters or themes. Explain why or why not. Explore what would've happened if the story had been set somewhere different?

3) Literary devices- Does this author use symbols, metaphor, simile, irony, or other literary devices that contribute to the theme? Select five of these “quotable quotes.” Put them into a web in which the central bubble reveals the cumulative effect of the quotes. What do these quotes together reveal about a theme or character?

4) Theme- Consider how this book could help you in your own life. Discuss in written form how the story could or could not make a contribution in your life.

5) Format- Consider the format of the novel you read. Why did the author choose the format he or she did (script, diary entries, first person narration, omniscient narration, third-person limited narration)? Why did the author divide the book into chapters or sections the way he or she did? Would you have divided the story differently? Why? How?

6) Be a teacher. Grade (on a rubric you design yourself) the character choices, the plot, the setting, the ending, and the interest level of the book or novel. If you have read a non-fiction selection, grade the format of the book, the clarity of the information, the ending of the book, and the interest level of the book. For either project, be sure to give clear explanations of your choices for each rating.

Tier A- To earn an A, complete one C-level project, one B-level project, and one project from this tier of achievement.

Synthesis Level-

1) Pretend you are one of the characters in the novel you have read. Write and present a monologue to the class that reveals your personality, special talents, or feelings. Try to influence class members to read your novel because they are inspired to by your presentation.

2) Pretend you are a news anchor or documentary speaker. Write and present the nonfiction content of your book ala Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth.

Publicize your book: Create a movie trailer to get others to “see” your book for themselves. Be sure to document any musical selections or other borrowed information if you choose this option!

3) Pretend you are an editor at the publishing house that received the manuscript for this book. Using business letter / block format, write a letter to the author informing him or her why you are accepting or rejecting the book for publication. See the board of resources for an example of this format.

4) Create a power point including at least five powerful quotes from the story. This power point should attempt to persuade others to read or not to read your selected novel.

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