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Science 6

Science 6
Class Description:
This year students will study Physical Science. Concepts include the properties of matter; states of matter; physical & chemical changes; potential & kinetic energy; compounds & mixtures; atoms & the periodic table of elements.
We will also be learning Earth Science which is about minerals & rocks; the rock cycle & rock formations. 
Life Science is the study of microorganisms; cells; tissues; organs; reproduction; and heredity. In May we have the week long Responsible Social Values Program (RSVP class) in which we discuss abstinence from the four "risky" behaviors: alchohol, drugs, tobacco, and sex outside of marriage.
All students are required to have a Science Binder in which they will keep ALL papers they are given. We have a test (called the SLO) at the end of the year covering the whole year's information! 
Homework Policy: If a student is absent, it is the student's responsibilty to see each teacher and make up all work missed. If a student does not do 3 homework assignments, I will print out the student's grades for a parent signature. If it isn't returned, the student will receive 5 detentions for "stealing" communitcaion.
BYOD: If electronic devices are used in class, it will be for educational purposes ONLY. All students will have access to a device. 
Block Scheduling: Most weeks: Monday and Wednesday Mr. Nichols and I will see the first half of the block for the whole time (periods 1, 3, and 6).  Tuesday and Thursday we see the second half of the block for the whole time (periods 2, 4, and 7).  On Fridays we see all six classes for 42 minutes each. If we change this schedule, I write it on the white board in the hall outside of my classroom. Since we see the classes every other day, if students are absent it is their responsibility to talk to Mr. Nichols or me to see what they missed, because they will still be accountable for work that has been assigned!
Current Assignments and Classwork can be seen to the right. Old assignments and classwork are in the "archived news" section. The list on the left is everything we will be doing this year. Therein, you can find some handouts, copies of homework assignments, and class notes. All things will NO LONGER be there because of copyright laws.

March 18 - ???

I will be doing Life Science instruction through google classroom. I plan to begin on March 23, so everyone needs to join before that time. Email me if you have any questions!!!
Here is the log in code for each class period:
Here are your enrollment codes: 
Period 1: k2bkner
Period 2: yrakdya
Period 3: v3eg4gt
Period 4: rgxsxno
Period 6: gpbkmrt
Period 7: tl75lcf
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