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School Supply Lists

school supplies lists
First grade supply list with additions for Mrs Clem's class (in Bold) 
Label these with your child's name: 
* 4 boxes of  crayons ( 24 or less) 
* 4 1/2 X 8" Supply box  get 2 of these - one very plain plastic for classroom storage the other is for their desk and can be special. 
* Large pink eraser   In my experience they end up cutting these up. So either skip it or get a lot of them. This is up to you. 
* scissors 5" blunt tip  
* one can of Play-Doh
* two black marble composition books  4 would be better.  
*one zippered pencil pouch with holes for a three ring binder get 2 of these instead
* one art shirt (old Over sized shirt with child's name on it)
* Book Bag, no wheels Backpack style is best
Do not put a name on these items.  
* 24 plain SHARPENED yellow pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
*one four -pack push point mechanical pencils  Paper Mate makes a mechanical pencil with a 1.3mm lead. It holds up better for beginner writers. Get a pack of these (2 if on sale!)
* 2 large boxes of tissues
* six glue sticks We use these up in fast. Buy 24 or more. Keep them at home to restock later. You will not be sorry. 
* 8 Expo Dry Erase Markers,  thin tip, BLACK, low odor 
* 1 green 2 pocket -3 pronged folder  This one needs to be sturdy. Get the plastic version. If you can't get blue any color will due. 
* 1 blue 2 pocket  3-pronged  folder
* one red two pocket folder
* Clorox Disinfectant wipes.
 Just for my class 
* 1 more 2 pocket three pronged folder - yellow
* 3 one subject notebooks. (college ruled or wide ruled doesn't matter) One of each of these colors: blue, green, red
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