Reading in 1-2
Learning to read is not a race. The winner is not the one who reads first, but rather, the winner is the one that loves to read.
~ Kathryn E. Livingston


Reading in 1-2

Reading! Every first grader is so excited to learn to read. For some, reading will come easily. For others, reading will take more time. For all of us, it will be an exciting journey!

We use two formal reading progams in first grade. The first is Wilson Fundations and the second is Houghton Mifflin Reading. I also have two other important reading activities in our room. The first is our Home Reading Program and the second is our weekly poetry. If you have any questions about the reading components of our room after reading below, please let me know. :)
 Houghton Mifflin Reading:
      Our Houghton Mifflin program has six units. Each unit has lessons that take approximately five weeks. Many of our units are related to our science and social studies topics this year and our stories will introduce us to both fiction and non-fiction text. Each child will get the same anthology or hard bound reader which introduces language concepts and contains our literature selections for each week of the school year. We will read these selections together or with partners as the year goes on. The children will also be working with flexible leveled groups during our "Reading Clubs" to read material at their specific reading level. Houghton Mifflin also introduces the children to writing skills, comprehension skills and strategies and grammatic structures like nouns, verbs and punctuation.
Wilson Fundations:
      Wilson is a phonics program that teaches handwriting, sight words (called trick words in the program) and sound combinations essential for successful reading and spelling. I have been teaching Wilson in my classroom for five years now and think it is an amazing program! Your child will have a Student Notebook that we will keep and use in class daily. You will also hear your child talking about their "laptops" and white boards. I will be sending home parent packets prior to each new Wilson unit to keep you updated on the skills your child is learning and practicing at school. These packets will also have homework practice activities inside...
 Home Reading Program:
      I have been using a Home Reading Program in my classroom since I began teaching and believe that it is one of the main reasons that my students make such wonderful progress in reading each year. I have been collecting and leveling books for many years to provide you and your child with books to enjoy together at home each evening. I would like your child to read at least three nights per week although most of my students read nightly, even on the weekends! Your child will bring their book selection home in their Home Reading Folder. In the folder you will also find a packet of helpful reading strategies and a letter more fully explaining the program. I would encourage you to leave these in your child's folder. Your child will be responsible for writing the title of their book in their folder. I would ask for you to record the date and book level and then sign each night that your child reads. I would encourage your comments in this folder often! It will be a wonderful way for us to communicate (daily if you wish!) about your child's reading progress.
Weekly Poetry:
      Each week we will have a weekly poem. We will read our poem daily to work on our reading fluency. Poems may cover a skill we are working on in class, may be related to a topic of study in science or social studies, or be just for fun! On Fridays we get into small groups and perform our poems for our friends. :) Poems will come home in your child's poetry binder each Friday. Your child will need to read their poem to two people, or the same person twice. Poems are considered homework and will require a parent signature.
During reading in first grade we work on comprehension, fluency, accuracy, expanding our vocabulary, using multiple strategies to decode unknown words and more. We read from many genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographies etc. Reading is a part of each minute of our day.... whether it's "reading time" or not! We read books, posters, charts, graphs, letters, signs, notes on papers, our word wall and more! Children can't help feeling like readers in 1-2 because we do it all day long! Reading opens up the door to all other learning..... that's why it's SO EXCITING and important! You'll be amazed at your child's progress this year!
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