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Mrs. Conkle's First Grade Class

Mrs. Conkle's First Grade Class
Class Links


Young Writer's Workshop
Story Starters! 53 topics to click on. Each gives you a fun illustration and a story starter for you to finish. Just click, print, and
A great website to help you generate fun and interesting story topics!

Just for Fun Sites!

Game Goo!
This site has games across all subjects. It is one of our classroom favorites!
All About the White House
Find facts about the White House, presidents, first pets and more. Take a White House tour view photos, learn about the President's plane, Air Force One and much, much more. A GREAT site for any age.
Many fun games to try-- ABC order, connect the dots while practicing math patterns, drawing activities and more... all while getting skilled at moving the computer mouse.
Dance Mat Typing
Your child can learn the correct way to type on the keyboard with this fun, interactive site! There are 4 levels to keep your child moving up and progressing with this important skill.
Find game and site links for language arts, math, science, keyboarding, music and more.
Find your favorite PBS show then play games, watch videos or create printales on this fun, free site.
* Sponsored by New Youk Zoos and Aquarium. Pick a boy's or a girl's body then have fun hanging it into something WILD! You can even send your creation to a friend.

Just for Parents

I Can Teach My Child....
This site gives great ideas for ways to help your child learn new things.... from tying shoes to what to do when reading aloud to your child, this site has some great ideas. Enjoy!
Ohio Department of Education
All about Ohio Schools at one site. You can find the First Grade Common Core Standards here.


Visit this site during our science unit on matter. Find out about properties of solids, liquids and gases and see cartoon animations and downloadable worksheets.
We love Space! Visit Nasa Kids Club
What would it be like to go up in space, be an astronaut or work at Nasa? Find out here.
All About Weather!
Find out about the fascinating world or weather at this site. -- hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, wildfires, weather experiments and even jokes about weather can be found here. Tap into your inner meteorologist on this site!
All About Animals!
Find out about all types of animal species, enjoy activities and click on animal cams to watch videos. Hear about specific animals at the Sandiego Zoo. A GREAT site!
National Geographic Kids
Find fun videos, activities, games and stories on this site.
Everything Harcourt Science
This website is aligned to our first grade science curriculum and provides tons of activities that go along with our science units. Have fun exploring!
Fun Science Experiments
Looking for a fun experiment to do at home? Here are some fun ideas!


Guess My Button logic game
Once you see all of the buttons in this logic puzzle, ask questions to discover which is the "mystery button." How many questions will you need to ask before you figure out the puzzle?!
Your child can work on math skills at and above the first grade level at this site. Students can keep track of their time and their score.
This animated, interactive dictionary for students explains over 600 math terms and math words in simple language. (Can be a help to mom and dad too. :)
Interactive math activities with links to other math resources
Go to this site to find activities and games on all first grade (K-5) math standards. This site will keep track of your child's score and the questions will increase in difficulty as they improve. Fun!
Go to this website to find math facts, activities dealing with time and money and more! You can even create math worksheets for home practice.
Find fun, leveled games to practice your math concepts.

Reading and Language Arts

Play Noun Dunk!
Do you love basketball??? Play Noun Dunk and decide if a word is a common noun, a proper noun or not a noun at all. Shoot a basketball and score points for your correct answers.
Play Grammar Blast!
Grammar Blast! Practice all you know about sentences, nouns, verbs, capitalization and punctuation.
Laura Numeroff author site
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.... If you Give a Pig a Pancake.... Visit this site and see what one of 1-2's authors has in store for you!
Silly Poetry Fun
Hundred of poems to read! Learn how to write limericks, list poems, fill-in-the-blank poems and more.
Everything Dr. Seuss!
Spend an afternoon in Suessville. You'll never run out of things to do!
All About Jan Brett books
Magnetic Poetry
Magnetic poetry to write and read. Be creative and submit your original poems for others to read on this site.
Magic Tree House Site
Join this site or log on as a guest to find out more about this favorite book series.
All About author Eric Carle
Find out about author Eric Carle and all of your favorite Eric Carle books. Enjoy!
All About Junie B. Jones!
If you love Junie B. books, you will love this site!
Spelling City
Visit this fun sight! Type in our spelling list and this sight will create tests, games and other practice activities using our words. You can also play games with created lists at different grade levels for a fun challenge.
Reading games
Find leveled games on a variety of reading/language arts skills.
Find information about our Wilson Reading Program.
Starfall Reading
Find reading games and simple, downloadable stories.
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