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Mrs. Clem's classroom

In this classroom.....

In our classroom 
We care about each other, our classroom, and our school.
We share what we have.
We listen carefully.
We help each other learn.
We work hard and have fun together.
We understand that every one makes mistakes.
We stand up for ourselves and others.
When someone asks us to stop, we stop.
This is who we are even if no one is looking.
Classroom Expectations
1. Follow directions quickly.
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
3. Be kind and respectful.
4. Make smart choices.
5. Keep your dear teacher happy.  

just for fun

Dr. Seuss's seussville
We looked at this sight to learn about Dr. Seuss and discovered some fun games to try at home!
This is a online children's musuem. But don't be fooled! It's lots of fun. There are videos that teach about cartoon drawing and games to play. Look around with Mom and Dad!They will enjoy it too.
Learn a word a week. This site has video that teaches how to do the motions correctly. What fun!


Octopus cam at the National Zoo
This is a video camera set up so you can watch a live Giant Pacific Octopus! COOL!
nationalwildlifer Federationforkids
Kid friendly place to learn about animals.
national geographic for kids
fun to explore
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