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Message from Superintendent

Update 10/29/2019

We are moving forward with the parking lot project on our main campus.  The district has chosen OHM Advisors as our project designer.  We are working with OHM to assess our needs.  They are being given the area as a blank slate.  We have asked them to start from scratch as far as traffic flow, bus pick up/drop off, and parking configuration.  The design phase will go on for the rest of 2019 and into early 2020.  The plan is to have the project out to bid in late winter and start preliminary work before school is out.  Construction will begin in earnest as soon as school ends in June.  As we move forward and construction begins, there will be many disruptions and inconveniences on our main campus.  When these occur, keep this phrase in mind, "short term pain, long term gain".  Check back in early 2020 for more updates.

Update 5/20/2019

Message From The Superintendent (Strategic Planning)

The voters of Field have shown the district so much support.  We are very grateful.  One thing we talked a lot about was the parking lot on the main campus.  The 1 mill of Permanent Improvement money will be primarily used for this project.  You will soon find the potholes in the parking lot are filled.  No, this is not the parking lot project.  We would be filling the potholes regardless of the levy result.

We will not break ground on the parking lot project until the summer of 2020.  That is our best projection at this time.  We are not simply putting new asphalt down.  The parking lot project will take everything down to dirt.  We will be redesigning the parking lot.  The new lot will have appropriate drainage and grading.  It will be designed so traffic flow and parking areas make sense for today and tomorrow.

The first step of this project will be to employ an architect to draw up plans and explain our best options.  After that, we will go out and get financing so we do not have to wait 4 or 5 yeas to get started.  We will not collect any Permanent Improvement money until calendar year 2020.  The financing will be for the shortest term possible to avoid as much interest charge as possible.  Once we have a design and funding, we will go out to bid on the project.  Then we wait for the end of the school year and hopefully start tearing up the current lot as soon as school is finished in June of 2020.

Check back here for updates as the project moves forward.  Everyone is excited to get started.  We will do this right and build a parking lot you will be proud of for years to come.

Dave Heflinger
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