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Math in 1-2

Math in 1-2

** Math in 1-2**


 We have math every day in first grade. Our math program is called My Math and provides many opportunities for hands on exploration of math concepts and the development of mathematical thinking skills. We use many manipulatives in class so that the students can see how math works. We talk about math, write about math and "do math." Some of the concepts we will be covering this year include:

* ordering numbers
* correctly writing numerals
* completing addition and subtraction facts
* developing number strategies and problem solving skills
* creating picture representations of story problems
* identifying and extending patterns
* comparing odd and even numbers
* collecting data and graphing our results
* tallying
* telling time
* counting coins
* measuring using both inches and centimeters
* identifying geometric solids and comparing their features
* calendar skills
* counting by 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, 10,s and 100's
* identifying place value
* sequencing events by time, day, week and month
* fractions

The components of our daily math activities include calendar work, our math lesson, an activity to reinforce or practice our math concept and a practice sheet.

You can expect your child to have math homework at least 3 nights per week. Homework is due the next day and I do check them in daily. Please initial your child's paper so that I know you looked it over. If your child has difficulty on a specific question or concept, please jot me a note directly on their homework sheet so that I can reinforce it with them the next day.

Your child will also participate in a math center weekly beginning the 2nd grading period. During their math center your child will work on activities that reinforce what we are learning in class, play math games, practice math facts with their friends and play computer games.

If you have any questions about your child's math program, please let me know!   
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