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Mr. Sisak - 7th Grade - Math & Language Arts

Have a Great, Safe and Healthy Summer!! I will miss all of you. See ya in the Fall!! 
7th grade survey (ELA & Math students) 
Your final drafts for Timeline writing  (ELA students)
Proportional relationship assignment (Math students)
ELA - Finish Timeline paragraph writing (Due tomorrow)
I will answer questions and give feedback tomorrow during our Google Meet video session.
Math - Review of Proportions.. Let's remember what we did back in November! Examples are provided in the Classroom and I will answer specific questions during our Google Meet video session. 
ELA - Turn your 6 timeline events into a paragraph writing. See Mr. Sisak's example on the stream.
Math - Set #2 of Ratios review 
Math Ratios - write out all three forms 
ELA - Timeline writing prompt 
Math Ratios Review
ELA Timelines (Choose 6 dates), Final revisions for "Your Future" writing prompt
ELA - Graphic organizer due Wednesday for writing prompt
Math - Fraction conversions are due tomorrow!  
ELA - Mars Survey and Google Doc with your response
Math - Percent conversion chart (Due Tuesday) 
Students - Make sure you are checking your e-mail for Google Meet links if you sign up to do a one on one Q&A session with me.
ELA -  This is the link to the game/activity. Directions for your response to the activity are on Google Classroom.Trip Your Brain
Math - Finish Fraction, Decimal, Percent review and we will look at the questions on Friday during our Class Google Meet session 
Hello everybody and welcome back! Make sure you are checking my Google Classroom daily. Here is the agenda for today:
ELA - CommonLit reading assignment (Re-read) "Tornado Coming!"
-Answer Guided Questions
Math - Fraction, Decimal, Percent conversion review
-Do your best to recall from earlier in the year 
Students - Check your email at 10:30 am tomorrow morning (Wednesday) for the Google Meet session link
 Welcome to week 2 of online learning :)
Language Arts - Please finish the Common Lit "What are clouds?" assignment by the end of today (by 3pm)
Math - One step equations feedback video is posted on Google Classroom & Directions for Edmentum requirements for the week (4 trophies by Friday)
Language Arts - Great to see everybody this morning on Google Meet... Your CommonLit logins were emailed to you. Make sure you refer to my Google Classroom for instructions.
Math - Check Google Classroom for your assignment on one step equations 
Language Arts - Finish your Context Clues WS by tomorrow at 10 am. Then, Check your e-mail tomorrow at 10:30 am for a link for Google Meet. 
Math - Check the top of the Google Class stream for corrective feedback on several one-step equation problems. Those who have not completed the assignment should do the remaining 3 problems. 
BIG SHOUTOUT to Tyler, Ethan and Vinnie for logging onto a Google Meet today. Glad you guys are doing well and being responsible with your assignments.
Check my Google Class for updated ELA assignment 
Videos for Mr. Sisak's ELA and Math Google Classrooms are updated.
Attention all ELA students!! Be ready for a Google Meet session at 10:30 am tomorrow (Wednesday)...Check your G-mail at 10:30 am. I am excited to roll out this new way to connect   :) 
Students check your e-mail for your invite to my Google Classroom. If you are already in the Classroom then disregard. 
 Hello Field Families & Students
Hello Parents and Students!!

What a week it has been. First and foremost I want all students and parents to know they can ask me questions or bring concerns to my attention. Your child will have questions so do not hesitate to e-mail me! Also, regarding your child's IEP... Mrs Longfellow sent an e-mail today about what to expect. (I will be calling parents individually in the coming days as well)

As you know, we are preparing an online format of learning for the students at Field (possibly until the end of the school year). There will be a lot of new tools and ways to interact with teacher to students, students to teacher and student to student. But we will have a lot of time to do that after we are all set up. This e-mail is to get every student ready for next week. (If you have not picked up a Chromebook from the Middle School or you have no technology please let me know ASAP!!)

Both classes will be hosted through Google Classroom. Beginning on Monday I will have 1 assignment posted in Google Classroom for ELA and 1 for Math. 

Step 1: By Monday, please make sure students are joined in my Google Classroom. On Friday, I will e-mail a video or screen shot video of how to add yourself to my Google Classroom in case anyone is struggling. I will also have instructions on my class webpage.

English Language Arts code is k64pnwa
Math code is  en4j44q

Step 2: Complete the virus questionairre for ELA & short Math assignment by Tuesday at 10 am.
 Need a pick me up? Watch this short motivational animation   Animation
During these unprecedented times I hope our young people have an opportunity to understand the gravity of the situation and that we are living in the midst of a major historical event....not just locally or nationally, but globally!
Parents and Students please do not hesitate to e-mail me [email protected] if you have any questions. We will continue to do interactive lessons and learning through an online format. My Lang Arts & Math students already use a variety of online platforms so I hope this is an easy transition for them. 
Google Classroom will be set up by Friday with further instructions.... Please plan on students being available beginning on Monday from 10 am - 11 am
Lang Arts 7 - NewsELA on coronavirus and the World Health Organization on TikTok, Practice MAP test  
Math 7 - Review and practice OST Questions
Lang Arts 7 - Peer Review writing from Friday and go over Homework  
Math 7 -  Review and practice OST Questions
Lang Arts 7 - Practice OST Questions and Paragraph corrections HW 
Math 7 - Quizizz review on basic operations, integers and one step equations 
Lang Arts 7 - Writing week continues... 2 paragraph response on "How to stay safe.." 
Math 7 - More one-step equations review 
Lang Arts 7 - Writing week! Today's 8 sentence writing prompt:
A - Write about three important values in your life
B -  Write about three ways you stay healthy.
Math 7 - Solving for one-step equations
Lang Arts 7 - Presentation Day! Great work on all your research
Lang Arts 7 - Prepare for your Choice Research Presentation, NewsELA article  Mr Sisak NewsELA link
Math 7 - Pizza angle worksheet and Quizizz quiz (shooting for 60% accuracy)
Lang Arts 7 - Finish Choice Research in a Google Slide. Prepare for presentations on Thursday! Sign up for Newsela and read article on Alopecia.
Math 7 - Adding & subtracting adjacent angles on Quizizz... CONGRATS ON CLASS MEETING 60% ACCURACY!!!!
Lang Arts 7 - Choice Research project (2 articles & summary) 
Math 7 - Geometry angles 
Lang Arts 7 -  Start of Choice Research project, Finish reading "Dragon, Dragon".
Math 7 - Review of area, perimeter and volume 
Lang Arts 7 - Mindplay/Acoustic Pioneer and begin reading "Dragon, Dragon" 
2/12/2020 - 
Math 7 -  Volume Quiz and President's Day Jeopardy game
Lang Arts 7 -  Incentive Day!!
Math 7 -  Volume review
Lang Arts 7 -  Mindplay & NewsELA article
Math 7 -  Volume review
Lang Arts 7 - Send your valentine to St Jude Children's Hospital here         Send my valentine 
Math 7 - Jeopardy Day 2, Volume WS ... (Great work today!!!)
Lang Arts 7 - Medusa's Head Comic Strip
Math 7 - Volume practice, Jeopardy Day 1
Lang Arts 7 - Finish Medusa's Head and video 
Math 7 - Quiz on perimeter and area, Intro to volume
Lang Arts 7 -  Medusa's Head and Character Board
Math 7 - Perimeter Quizizz & Tetris game 
Lang Arts 7 - Read aloud "Medusa's Head", Character Board 
Math 7 -  Continue reviewing Perimeter & Area
Lang Arts 7 - Pre-reading strategies for "Medusa's Head" 
Math 7 - Perimeter & Area practice 
Lang Arts 7 -  Characteristics of Myths and preview of Medusa's Head, Mindplay
Math 7 -  Geometry notes & practice
Lang Arts 7 - Myths link 
*Use Natural Reader for harder texts 
Math 7 - Geometry terms slides project 
Language Arts 7 - Answer questions p 57 
Math 7 - Intro to Geometry notes and Beginning of slides project
Language Arts 7 -  Folk Tale "He Lion, Bruh Bear, Bruh Rabbit"
1/21/2020 - Start of the 3rd grading period!!!!
Math 7 - Intro to Geometry notes
Language Arts 7 - Fables " The Fox and the Crow" & "The Wolf and the House Dog"

Math 7 - Class Review and Quizizz on Combining Like Terms
Language Arts 7 - One pager final draft 
Math 7 - Complete integers packet,  Combine like terms Quizizz 
Lang Arts 7 - Review "The Storytelling Stone" and one pager rough draft 
 Math 7 - Integers Review and Combining like terms
Lang Arts 7 - Edmentum activity on Context Clues & read "The Storytelling Stone"  (p.10)
Lang Arts 7 - Final draft of one pager 
Lang Arts 7 - One pager from the fable, "The Golden Serpent"
Math 7 - Combining like terms practice and Puzzle WS 
Lang Arts 7 - Read "The Golden Serpent" and classify different kinds of Fiction 
Math 7 - Begin Combining like terms, Puzzle WS
Welcome back & Happy New Year!!
Lang Arts 7 - Pen pal letters today and tomorrow. Make sure you share your draft with Mr. Sisak  
Math 7 - Finish any missing assignments and Pizza incentive for Exact Path trophies 
Lang Arts 7 - Winter Workout Reading and Questions 
Math 7 - Finish cereal project, Review game
Lang Arts 7 - Citation notes and Jeopardy game 
Math 7 - Compare best priced cereal project, rank 10 cereals based on nutritional value 
HOMEWORK: Fraction review word search 
Lang Arts 7 - Read pen pals and begin an outline to write back, citation video and notes 
Math 7 - Compare best priced cereal project, Find the price of cent per ounce 
Lang Arts 7 - Choice article and turn in the questions and summary 
Make up article : Study Buddies 
Lang Arts 7 - Incentive day, GREAT JOB on MAP Testing!!!
Math 7 -  Begin MAP
Lang Arts 7 -  Finish MAP
Math 7 - MAP Testing, Good luck!! 
Lang Arts 7 - Finish ICE-T writing samples about "The President's Speech to Students" 
Lang Arts 7 - MAP Testing, Good luck! 
Math 7 - Word problems and ordering least to greatest self-created examples. Practice MAP test
Lang Arts 7 - Find main idea from Scott vs Amundsen and cite 2 pieces of evidence (ICE-T) 
Math 7 - Word problem vocabulary and Exact Path 
Lang Arts 7 - Writing sample using "ICE-T" strategy for Scott vs Amundsen 
Math 7 - Ordering of integers and absolute values 
Lang Arts 7 - Mindplay and Read South Pole: Scott vs Amundsen
HOMEWORK: Extended response on how Amundsen was successful in beating Scott to Antarctica 
Math 7- Quizizz on absolute value/Least to Greatest, Exact Path
Lang Arts 7- Graffiti strategy and finish Google Doc
Math 7- Quizizz on absolute value/Least to Greatest
Lang Arts 7- SCOPE article and written response on Google Doc 
Math 7 -  Station #2 links:
Lang Arts 7 -  
Math 7 - Review of Addition/Subtraction of integers
Lang Arts 7 - Vocabulary 
Math 7 - Review of Addition/Subtraction of integers 
Lang Arts 7 - Exact Path and Vocabulary 
Math 7 - Integers review and introduction to opposite integers
Lang Arts 7 - Learning style inventory
Math 7 -  BUCK strategy in solving word problems and review PEMDAS
Lang Arts 7 -  OST reading sample and strategies for written response questions
Math 7 - Exact Path and Multi-step word problems
Lang Arts 7  - Snow writing (Focus on grammar and writing conventions) and Mindplay
Math 7 - Multi-step word problem worksheets & Estimations
Lang Arts 7 - OST practice reading and comprehension questions
Math 7 - Multi-step word problem worksheets & Estimations 
Lang Arts 7 - Theater Etiquette for the High School Fall Play today 
Math 7 - Word problems introduction & Estimation worksheet
Lang Arts 7 - Mindplay and OST practice reading and comprehension questions (p 35 Ready 7 workbook) 
Math 7 - Exact Path and finish Careers Exploration assignment 
Lang Arts 7 - Homework completion on 5 W worksheet 
Lang Arts 7 -  SCOPE Magazine article reading skills
HOMEWORK: 5 W worksheet from your choice of a SCOPE Magazine article 
10/30 - Exact Path for Lang Arts and Math today
Finish up MobyMax, % Worksheet and study for Vocab Quiz tomorrow
 Lang Arts 7
Mindplay and CommonLit reading assignment 
Math 7
Lang Arts 7
Mindplay, Grades Check and make up work today. The end of the grading period is Tomorrow!! 
 Math 7 - Finish MobyMax placement tests
Lang Arts 7 - Mindplay and re-do any assignments/make up work from the 1st grading period (Grading Period ends Friday!!!)
Math 7 - MobyMax placement tests 
Lang Arts 7 - Mindplay and Grade level text with comprehensioin q's (IEP sample) 
Math 7 - Introduction to MobyMax and Percentages vocabulary on Quizlet.
Greek Olympics Day! Have Fun! 
Math 7 
Quick check over conversions and introduction/notes for Percentages of Whole Numbers. 
Lang Arts 7
Mindplay, Go over Common Lit questions and extended responses. GREAT WORK on Literacy Fair assignments I hope everyone was able to attend!
Math 7
Complete conversion packet for Fractions/Decimals/Percents, Word problems (Percentages) 
Lang Arts 7
Work completion day and Mindplay. Make sure your One Pager is done and CommonLit "Democracy" assignment is done. 
Math  7
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages notes/chart and activity 
Lang Arts 7
 Mindplay & Finish One-Pager activity for Literacy Fair
Math 7 
Decimals and percents conversions 
Lang Arts 7
Mindplay and Finish One-pager Literacy Fair project 
Math 7
Proportions practice and Introduction to Decimals and Percents
Lang Arts 7
Final Test for On My Honor and One-pager project for the Literacy Fair. Great work today!! 
HOMEWORK: FInish guided question packet 
Math 7
Practice proportion problems and recall Math review activity 
Language Arts 7
One Pager Literacy Fair activity
HOMEWORK: Complete the On My Honor guided questions packet (Due Thursday) 
Math 7
Language Arts 7 
Math 7
Performance Coach pages 9-12
HOMEWORK: Proportional Reasoning Worksheet 
Lang Arts 7
Vocab Chapter 8, Reading Chapter 8 and Peer Pressure writing 
Math 7
Go over quizzes, Ratios practice,  
 Language Arts 7
Vocab Quiz today, Read Chapter 7/Comprehension questions, and Peer Pressure pre-write activity

Math 7
Complex fractions practice and packet, introduction to improper fractions video 
Language Arts 7
 Quizlet partner study (Quiz Monday), Mindplay and Comprehension questions for Chapters 4-6 " On my Honor"
Math 7
Compare fractions vs complex fractions, unit rate video and Finding rates from complex fractions 
Language Arts 7
Practice Vocab on Quizlet, Mindplay and Read for Comprehension Chapter 5 "On My Honor" 
Math 7
Multiplication review practice WS, Ratio Review game, & Introduction to Computing Unit Rate in the Ohio Performance Coach book
Language Arts 7
 Mindplay and Read Chapter 4 On My Honor 
  HOMEWORK: Study and be familiar with On my Honor Chapter 5-7 Vocab
Math 7 
Ratios Smartboard review and introduction to unit rates with notes 
Language Arts 7
Mindplay and On My Honor Chapter 3 with Guided questions. 
Math 7
Ratios practice, Equivalent ratios and practice problems, Smartboard review games 
Language Arts 7
On My Honor Chapter 2 & Guided Questions 
Math 7
Ratios video, Ratios group practice and started Equivalent Ratios,
HOMEWORK: Equivalent Ratios Worksheet 
Math 7
Went over Test #1, Exponents practice and began Ratios 
Lang Arts 7
Started reading "On My Honor" and Mindplay. Literacy Fair "One Pager" requirements were thoroughly discussed and students will be allowed to use their summer reading or On My Honor for their Literacy Fair project.
Math 7
Test #1 & Intrduction to Ratios 
Lang Arts 7
Incentive day for Mindplay, Ready 7 reading passage (Identify central ideas in "Python Invasion") 
Math 7
Review for Test #1 -Integers, GCF & Order of Operations 
Lang Arts 7
Literacy Fair Expectations  for a "One Pager" & Mindplay 
Math 7 
Order of Operations assignment, 9/11 By the Numbers 
Lang Arts 7
Math 7
Intergers & GCF Review, PEMDAS Visual aid in class assignment, Order of Operation practice
Language Arts 7
Mindplay and Hero writing prompt.
HOMEWORK for tomorrow: Finish Hero writing! 
Math 7
Order of Operations review and notes, Kahoot quiz 
Language Arts 7
Today we finished MAP testing, did Mindplay and read for Central ideas in the article about Burmese Pythons. 
Math 7 
GCF Smart Board games, practice and individual quick check & video about "Everyday Math in the Real World"
Language Arts 7
Library Day - Students picked Literacy Fair books if they did not read over the summer. We also logged into Mindplay and got our first 30 minutes in for the year! Yeah Mindplay!  Students also signed their Mindplay Contract in-class agreements and Final Forms. 
Math 7 
MAP Testing Day 
Language Arts 7 
MAP Testing Day 
Math 7
Integers quiz and introduction/review to GCF, Jeopardy group game 
Language Arts 7
Signed Laptop usage agreements and logged into Mindplay, Went over MAP expectations and read pg 12-13 in Ready 7 Workbook 
 Integers practice, Review practice
HOMEWORK: Re-do incorrect answer on addition/subtraction Integer problems 
Language Arts
 Writing Prompt: "IF you were in a natural disaster and had time to evacuate, what would you bring with you?", Reading 7 Central Idea reading and practice
Math - Recall of integers, integers practice with number lines and Kahoot quiz
Language Arts - Writing prompt, Page 5-6 of Ready 7 book
HOMEWORK for the weekend: Bring your Literacy Fair book to class next week! 
Math - Recall of operations, ratio review
Language Arts - Writing prompt, peer edit, Show understanding of central ideas and supporting ideas 
What a TERRIFIC FIRST DAY! It is great to be back with Field Middle Schoolers. Language Arts classes had two writing prompts talking about their summer and their successes of last school year, while peer editing each other's work. Math classes began a Tryout Test before we got called down for an assembly with Mrs Blake and Mr Lynch.

See everyone tomorrow! 
Below is the requirement for the Summer Literacy reading program.
Link to Summer Literacy reading requirements. Mr. Sisak's students must choose a novel 100+ pages. Link to Summer Literacy reading requirements. 
As the school year winds down, we must thank Carl Azuz from CNN10 for the shout out to our students! Our kids have worked hard all year and deserve all the credit. Here is the link to Carl's BIG SHOUT OUT from last school year......      Carl Azuz shout out to Field Middle School
At the end of last school year, students made their own Autobiographies telling their own life story.... Below is the list of 6th, 7th & 8th grade students with links to their Online Books!
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