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Dear Parents and Students, 
     Don't forget to send in disposable containers for our special project:  think Cool Whip® containers or larger, something that will hold water without leaking.  Thanks so much!
     In math, we are finishing up our unit on geometry - two and three dimensional shapes.  Students should be able to identify quadrilaterals, circles, pentagons, triangles, hexagons, rectangular prisms; cubes; cones; cylinders; pyramids; and spheres.  If students don't know their addition facts up to 9 + 9 fluently, they need to be practicing at least a few nights a week.  Fluently means that it is automatic.  Given an addition fact, students can name the sum within 3 seconds - no counting on their fingers or calculating in their heads.  Keep working on those at home (and the subtraction facts too!)  Some students have mastered their addition and subtraction facts and have moved on to working on memorizing their multiplication facts.  
   In Reading, we are finishing up our study of text features.  Text features help us understand informational text.  I know baseball and softball season has started but please keep your child reading at home a minimum of 15-20 minutes most nights of the week.  It is SO important to their growth as a reader.  Thanks so much for your continued support in this area.
     In language arts, we are getting ready to study opinion writing.  By the end of the unit, students should be able to state their opinion in a topic sentence, give reasons for their opinion, and then restate their opinion in a concluding sentence.
     If you have any questions, and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.  You can e-mail me anytime at, send me a message on Remind, or call me at (330)673-8581. I am available from 8:30 - 8:45 most mornings and from 9:15-9:45 or after school (but I believe the office closes at 4:00).  

Thanks for sharing your children with me. :)

Hope Morrison
2nd grade teacher
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Field Local Schools | 2900 St Rt 43, Door #5 | Mogadore, OH 44260 | Phone: 330.673.2659 | Fax: 330.673.0270
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