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Kindergarten music class is an introduction to music with lots of singing, rhythmic speaking (poems), and movement, all of which are based on our State of Ohio Music Standards. A wide variety of activities are planned for each lesson in order to keep the students engaged and focused. Please encourage your student to perform our songs and poems for you!

Our beginning activities include:
  • developing good listening skills, including teacher directions as well as musical directions.
  • singing songs
  • doing movement activities with colors.
  • rhythmic poems.
  • matching a simple rhythm pattern.

As the year continues on, we spend time working on:
  • performing with the beat and simple rhythm patterns using body percussion, and later, small percussion instruments.
  • singing seasonal music.
  • using voices for singing and talking, then be able to hear the difference between them.
  • movement activities which include moving with the beat and simple dances.
  • performing rhythm patterns.
  • differentiating between loud/soft, fast/slow.

We also coordinate to supplement the classroom and Physical Education curriculum with:
  • colors, moving with scarves and paper "flags".
  • counting, and going backwards from 10 in singing.
  • rhyming, both by discovering it in poems and songs, as well as by making up our own rhyming verses in a song.
  • gross and fine motor movement.
  • creative movement and specific dance steps.

Highlights - some songs, poems and activities throughout the year that are especially fun to ask your students about:
  • Sept.: There's a Cobbler - A poem with rhythmic "pounding" on our knees.
  • Sept.: Five Green and Speckled Frogs - A counting song with movements.
  • Oct.: I'm a Little Teapot - We sing 3 verses!
  • Oct.: Walk and Stop - An activity matching footsteps to the tempo of the teacher-spoken poem.
  • Nov.: Mohave Bird Dance Song - a Native American song to which we may attempt to add the dance.
  • Dec.: Gingerbread Men - A poem about how each of the five hops off of the pan to run away (You can't catch me . . .).
  • Dec.: lots of seasonal songs, including Eight Little Candles, Must Be Santa, and more.
  • Jan.: Snow is Falling, Falling Down - A poem that gets faster (and louder!).
  • Jan.: Popcorn! - A lively Greg and Steve song that's fun to pop to as we listen!
  • Jan.: using sticks to keep the beat to songs of varying tempos.
  • Feb.: Honey, You Can't Love One - An American folk song that we add verses to by making rhymes with the numbers.
  • Feb.: Do Your Ears Hang Low/ Old Dan Tucker - Fun American folk songs with movements.
  • Mar.: The Leprechaun's March - To the tune of "The Ants Go Marching One by One", this song has the Leprechaun's marching up our bodies.
  • Mar.: Loose Tooth - At the end of this poem, they smile big to show their teeth (or the "holes in their heads"!).
  • Apr.: Japanese Rain Song - The last two phrases are in Japanese; and Springtime is Coming - a Japanese song in English, with movements.
  • Apr.: Kye Kye Kule - An African movement song with its native words.
  • May: Good King Leopold - A leader (student solo) and response (class) song using singing, talking and whispering voice.
  • May: The Boogie Walk - A boogie woogie style dance for which we learn the steps.
  • June: Goin' to the Zoo - An imaginative song and book.
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