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Integrated Science 3

Integrated Science 3
Class Description:
Integrated Science 3 will consist of study of the ecosystem with its many components and human impact on various ecosystems. We will also study the microorganisms; bacteria, viruses, protozoans and fungi and conduct laboratory investigations in order to learn about the impact of these organisms on us.

January 14 Final Exam for Integrated Science 3.

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Thursday, December 3

Read article about the Gray Wolf.   Identify factors that make it a keystone species. More +

Wednesday, December 2

Go over vocabulary from 5-2. Describe a given species' niche in order for others to try and guess that species. More +

Tuesday, December 1

Define vocabulary from Chapter 4 Section 2.  More +

Tuesday, November 17

Define vocabulary terms from p. 79. Draw a picture that illustrates each term. More +

Monday, November 16

The nitrogen cycle p. 84 More +

Friday, November 13

The Biosphere notes, pg. 78 More +

Thursday, November 12

Graph CO2  levels of Mauna Loa from 1960-2005. More +

Tuesday and Wednesday November 10 and 11

Used Gizmo simulation to model changes in ecosystems.  Make predictions and record results. More +

Tuesday, October 27 Quiz on Enzymes and Chemical Reactions

Define biotic and abiotic factors and identify each in various ecosystems. More +

October 26 Reviewed for quiz on chemical reactions and enzymes

More +
Characteristics of Living Things
Several videos illustrate some of the characteristics of life that many things share.
Darwin's Voyage
Follow the voyage of Darwin and find out what he observed on this life-changing expedition.
OGT review
The Fern Life Cycle
The reproductive cycle of one type of seedless plants; ferns.
The Irish Potato Famine
msNBC news clip on Mad Cow Disease
The possible finding of a cow with Mad Cow Disease (BSE) in California prompted this newsclip by msNBC.
"The Great Dust Storm" by Woody Guthrie
Ballad performed by Woody Guthrie about the Dust Bowl.
Class Files
These terms will be covered on your quiz on Monday, October 7.


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