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The honor's biology curriculum will include scientific inquiry, cell biology, genetics, evolution and diversity of life, and ecology. This course is a college preparatory course and utilizes the following methods of study: microscopes, laboratory investigations, dissections and classroom presentations. In addition to basic biological concepts, students in Honor's Biology will be reading from Four Fish and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

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Thursday, June 8
Final Exam
Bring your finished cell advertisement to share with us and turn in.  Bring your biology book and your Henrietta Lacks books to turn in if you haven't done so already.  
And you will turn your exam study guides in for extra credit if you wish.
Hope your summer is happy and memorable!  It was a pleasure having all of you!
Monday, June 5
Share advertisement on your cells.
Exam review. 
Friday, June 2
Frog anatomy quiz. 
Exam review study guides. 
Thursday, June 1
Begin review for exams.  Review for frog anatomy quiz. 
Create an attractive advertisement for your cells.  See handout for info.  Due Monday.  Be prepared to share your work. 
Wednesday, May 31
Continue frog dissection.  Your quiz over the frog anatomy and amphibians is Friday.  
See pinnacle for ANY work that you are missing.  It is due by FRIDAY, JUNE 2. NO EXCEPTIONS.  
Friday, May 26
Continue working on frog anatomy packet.  
Thursday, May 25
Go over Henrietta Lacks questions.
Begin "Investigating Frog Anatomy" packet. If you need another copy, print from link below. 

Investigating Frog Anatomy
Friday, May 12
Quiz- Henrietta Lacks Chs. 31-34
Study guide for Chapter 17 test
Test- Tuesday, May 16
Tuesday, April 25
Review for test over Chapter 15 Theory of Evolution
Study Guide Answers
Friday, April 21
Watch video on natural selection in humans: Sickle cell anemia and malaria.
Finish "Molecular Genetics of Color Mutations in Rock Pocket Mice".
Assign chapters 27-30 in "Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". Due Thursday, April 27.
Wednesday, April 12
Copy notes (link below) for Thursday, April 13.
Chapter 15 Evidence of Evolution notes
Friday, March 17
Vidoo clip "The Way of All Flesh" about the Lacks family.
Go over questions.
Continue with 2-factor crosses. 
Thursday, March 15
Sex-linked traits.  
All makeup work and extra credit for the 3rd nine weeks grading period due Monday, March 20. 
Monday, March 13
Go over 2-factor crosses.  
Read chapters 6-10 in "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks".  Answer questions.  Due Friday. 
Thursday, February 23
Protein Synthesis Lab: Time to Make the Donuts 
Tuesday, February 21
Continue watching: Cracking the Code movie.  
Wednesday, February 15
Discuss the article "How people develop addiction"
Watch video on one doctor's ideas about how addictions develop. 
**Extra Credit**
Build a DNA molecule according to the specs below: up to 5 formal extra credit points.  
DNA Model Project Specs
Monday, February 6
Take notes on Chapter 10 DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Chapter 10 DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Friday, February 3
Using diagrams from yesterday, build a DNA molecule using K'Nex kits. Investigate how DNA replicates and be prepared to point out parts of DNA and explain DNA replication.  
Thursday, Feb.2
Color and label diagram of DNA.  
February 1
Go over the contributions of scientists to the discovery of DNA. 
Griffith's Experiment
Begin notes on Chapter 10 DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Tuesday, January 31
Quiz on mitosis. 
Complete chart on various scientists' contributions to the discovery of DNA. 
Monday, January 30
Review for quiz on mitosis.  
Thursday, January 26
Finish webquest on mitosis.  
Wednesday, January 24
Complete webquest about cell division. 
Visit the following websites:
Site Two
Site Three
Site Four

Tuesday, January 24
Draw and label the phases of the cell life cycle and color and label these parts in each phase:
centrioles, the nucleus, centromeres, spindle fibers, and chromosomes.
Monday, January 23
QoTD "Describe how cell division is controlled."
Identify characteristics and label the phases of the cell life cycle.
Label the phases on diagrams of plant and animal cells. 
Thursday, January 19
Go over cell reproduction vocabulary.
H.W. Construct karyotype.  Due Monday. 
Notes: Cell Reproduction

Wednesday, January 18
Begin vocabulary on Chapter 8.  Write definition and draw pictures. 
Begin going over terms. 
Monday, January 9
Finish exam review.  
Friday, January 6
Exam Review
Ch. 6 Photosynthesis   p. 118 (1), p. 126 (5,6,7,15) and w.s.
Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration w.s. 
Thursday, Jan 5
Exam Review
Chapter 4 Cell Structure and Function
p. 71 (4), p. 76 (1,2,3,4), p. 85 (6), p. 90 (1,4)
Chapter 5 Homeostasis and Cell Transport
p. 102 (1,2,7,8), p. 106 (1,3,6), p. 108 (1b,c,5,9)
Wednesday, January 4
Begin exam review:
Chapter 1 The Science of Life p. 9 (1,4,5,8,10), p. 12 (2,4), p.26 (22)
Chapter 19 Populations p. 394 (1a,b,c,3,5,8,9,11,21
Tuesday, Jan 3
Finish presentations.   
Thursday, December 15
Quiz -Cellular Respiration
Begin work on project. 
Wednesday, December 14
Go over questions over cellular respiration.
Put together review puzzle on cellular respiration.
Sign up for fermented foods project. Requirements for fermented foods project.
This is due on Tuesday, December 20.
Tuesday, December 13
Finish lab questions on cellular respiration. 
Study guide- cellular respiration.
Quiz- Thursday
Monday, December 12
Cellular Respiration Lab.  
Wednesday, December 7
Complete study guide on photosynthesis. 
Check work: Chapter 6 Study Guide Answers
Tuesday, December 6
Review virtual simulation labs. Identify 3 factors that affect the rate at which photosynthesis occurs.  
Monday, December 5
Finish online simulations.  Quiz over photosynthesis; THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8
Photosynthesis Tutorial
Thursday and Friday, December 1 and 2
Finish photosynthesis terms. 
Conduct simulated experiments on factors that affect photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis Virtual Labs
Complete simulations on how different colors of light affect plant growth.

How do different colors of light affect plant growth? 
Wednesday, November 30
Go over movie questions. 
Begin defining terms on photosynthesis.
Tuesday, November 29
Finish "The Martian" movie.  Answer questions.  
Monday, November 14
Finish notes on Chapter 5 Section 2
Osmosis and diffusion simulation on chromebooks. 
Osmosis Simulation

Cell Membrane: Just Passing Through
Thursday and Friday, November 10 and 11
Finish notes on chapter 1 section 1. Complete chart on types of passive transport.
H.W. Osmosis and Tonicity worksheet; Due Monday
Wednesday, November 9
Finish cell coloring worksheet.  
Monday, November 7
Begin coloring worksheet on cell membrane.  
Friday, November 4
Finish onion cell and diffusion lab questions.  
Thursday, November 3
Complete diffusion lab from yesterday.
Watch video on onion cells in salt water and fresh water and draw the results and answer the questions. 
Additionally see page 100 in your book for pictures of cells. 

Video: Onion cells in salt and fresh water.

Wednesday, November 2
Observing diffusion lab. 
Observe effects of salt water and fresh water on onion cells.
Draw and color the results and answer the questions on worksheet.
See page 100 in your book to help. 

Onion cells in salt and fresh water.
Tuesday, November 1
Notes: Chapter 5 Section 1 
Chapter 5 Section 1
Four Fish pgs. 29-44 Read for Friday. 
Monday, October 31
Go over analogies.  
Friday, October 28
Test-Chapter 4 Cell Structure and Function
Compete analogies of chapter 5 terms: diffusion, simple diffusion, equilibrium, concentration gradient, and passive transport.
Thursday, October 27
Go over study guide for Ch. 4 test.  
Monday and Tuesday, October 24 and 25
Use the microscopes in the lab to view plant and animal cells and draw and label their parts. 
**The grading period ends Friday- make sure you have everything in.
Thursday, October 20
Go over parts of microscope.  Review for quiz on organelles. 
Quiz Friday- Functions of organelles. 
Wednesday, October 19
Go over plant and animal cell diagrams.
Go over cell organelle functions. 
Tuesday, October 18
Complete animal and plant cell diagrams.
Identify the functions of cell organelles. Relate organelle to type of cell to which it is found. 
Thursday, October 13
Go over "Four Fish" questions.
The Life Cycle of Salmon activity in the gym 
Wednesday, October 11
Go over Section 4-1 Review "The History of Cell Biology"
Draw 4 different cells and describe their function. 
"Four Fish" questions from pages 21-27 due Thursday.
Tuesday, October 11
Test-Chapter 18 Populations
Complete w.s. Section 4-1 Review "History of Cell Biology"
Monday, October 10
Go over population ecology graphs. 
Question of the day: Is disease considered a density-independent or density-dependent limiting factor? Why?
Video: Crash Course: Population Ecology
H.W. "Four Fish" Read pages 21-27 and answer the questions. Due Thursday. 
Test- Populations     Tomorrow October 11
Friday, October 7

Complete questions on population graphs. 
Thursday, October 6
Continue work with virtual population studies lab.  See link below.
Complete a graph of results and the journal questions.  Submit to me at rebecca.scott@fieldlocalschools.org or print them off and turn them in. 
Wednesday, October 5
Begin virtual population lab on chromebooks. Chart data and construct graph of populations of paramecium.  Complete journal questions on population studies. Find virtual lab at link:

Virtual Lab: Population Biology
Monday, October 3
Complete Isle Royale moose and wolf graph. 
Answer questions based on graph information. 
Wednesday, September 21
Go over "Four Fish" questions.
Continue argumentation for surviving the dust bowl.
Tuesday, September 20
Go over Section 1-1 Review.
Investigate food webs and trophic levels. 
Work in groups to form argument with evidence for surviving the Dust Bowl.  
Monday, September 19
Finish notes on ecology.  Complete Section 1-1 Review "The World of Biology" 
Thursday, September 15
Webquest on ecology topics 
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