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Homework expectations

Homework expectations
Homework can be fun!

I feel that there is no time more important than family time. I want my first graders to spend after school time playing and enjoying their family life. However, homework is necessary. Therefore, I have three standing assignments that are to be done with a family member. These are nightly reading, fact practice and sight word practice.

Nightly Reading - A few weeks into the school year your child will begin bringing home a homework binder. This folder will contain a reading log and a book selected by your child from a selection of books on his reading level. Simply listen to your child read the book and then record it together in the reading log. There are rewards for reading 50, 100, and 150 books. There are also other surprise awards for children who have read the night before. So please read every night. (This makes a great bedtime routine!)

Math Facts - A page of math facts will come home with your student. These will come home in your child's homework folder along with a return slip and a math log. Practice the math flash facts then sign the math log. There will be rewards randomly given for children that practiced the night before. You may practice the facts any way you like.

Sight words - Sight words will be on the back of your child's take-home folder. The test date will also be listed. Students will be tested on the spelling and reading of these words on that date.

Ideas for practicing sight words and math facts:

* write them in sand or shaving cream.

* make them with play dough

* use flashcards

*make a matching game

*make up your own game!

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